The Life Cyclone. You know, it’s just like yours right?

Oh this week.

Oh every. single. day of this marathon week of crapness.

Currently on day 12 of massive sinus infection.  Dave took the day off on Tuesday as I was completely useless and took my ass to the doctor.  I cried in the waiting room and I blubbed in the doctors office about how every fibre of my being hurt and that there was just SO much green shit in my head that it was surely addling my brain.  Antibiotics seem to be taking their sweet time to kick in because I still feel like shit, like I’m drowning from the inside.  In a sea of snot, it’s delightful no?

Yesterday morning Nix did the unthinkable.  He slept for 3.5hrs.  I also did the unthinkable and went to bed and laid down for 3.5hrs.  I’m pretty sure the only reason I let myself do this is because Gil from Mudbird Ceramics did it and I thought,’wow, she’s clever, resting when you don’t feel well?  amazing’.  Felt so guilty though, for doing nothing for so many minutes in a row!  Mummy guilt sucks.

So, Nix wakes up happy as, I grab him, breastfeed him and take him over to the changing table to freshen him up.   I then realised exactly how completely stuffed up my head was because I had failed to notice the acrid stench of one of Nixon’s Poo of the Month poo-splosions.  We all get very excited when the babe poos because it so rarely happens and thus, it’s guaranteed to be a doozy when it does.  Nix eats a diet really high in LSA and quinoa to keep his little bowels on the move so things coming from the nether have the un-wipeable consistency of a sand cheesecake.  The only way to move on from Poo of the Month is with a water blaster/bath.  I cleaned Nix up enough so I could pop him on the floor whilst I retrieved the laundry basket baby bath, making my way through the house {wondering why someone would hide the laundry basket baby bath FFS} I noticed a poo skid on the carpet.  There were also two poos on the carpet.  Brilliant dogs we have, they bring me SO much joy.

Found the tub and headed back in to Nixon’s room just in time to see his little wang arcing a stream of wee onto his sheepskin rug.  Bullseye.  My morning complete.

I’m not even going to mention the dramas with E this week, they weigh too heavily and put in perspective how trivial poos and Shi-Tzus really are.  I have a feeling these coming pre-teen years are going to be so testing, thank God for my amazing Mum who has whisked him away for the weekend pre-empting any Cyclone Luci tragedies in our house.  I kid, I kid ……. almost completely joking there!

What about the sunrise this morning?  Our whole house was lit pink when I woke.  Amazing.  Cyclone’s going to be hopefully a tank-full of fun!

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5 thoughts on “The Life Cyclone. You know, it’s just like yours right?”

  1. Oh dear. Just…oh dear. I’m sending you big hugs (hard enough to squeeze that green stuff right outta ya) and hopes for a peaceful weekend, with the storm being less than predicted, baby baths being where they should be, and all poos the same xxx

  2. Sending lots of sympathy hugs your way. Cyclone Lusi will seem like a peace of cake in comparison I'm hoping! Tomorrow is another day, rest up lovely gal and hope you are feeling much better soon xx

  3. Feeling for you and sending you lots of happy positive all-things-improving-soon thoughts and wishes xx

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