Look what I’m Reading!!!

Finally, two days before we put the tent up, wherever it is that we decide to go camping (I know, I know these sorts of things are usually planned but I’m having an indecisive month) I win the library lottery.

I requested this series so long ago that I had forgotten about it quite honestly.  But there has been a serious book draught this summer and I’m in desperate need of some good reads before semester starts.  $1 for the request is  a small price to pay for reading the words behind the awesome TV series I feel!

Has anyone else read the Sookie Stackhouse series?



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  1. Just starting watching the series. So great if I look past the appalling acting by Anna Paquin! The book series would be awesome. Wish I had time to read more. I won Sarah's 'Lovely Bones competition' but have only gotten halfway through the book. You'll have to do a little book review once you're finished so I can live vicariously through your reading!!
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