I Made It | Acrylic on Canvas Geometric Art

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I sucked at art when I was younger, but, I have School Cert Graphic Design {that is a wee giveaway as to how old I am!} so I figured if my very first painting had heaps of lines on it I might actually be able to complete it to an acceptable standard!
I wanted a bright canvas for the top of our TV buffet in the family room and I had a feeling I could replicate a geometric print I saw online  – enter my Pinterest rip off!


I ruled the pattern onto the canvas using pencil then simply painted between the lines, mixing colours as I went.  I purchased a very basic set of acrylic paints from Spotlight for $20 so had to get creative in expanding my limited palette.  I wasn’t quite sure that I had pulled it off until I busted out the extra-fine Sharpie and ruled the black lines over the paint.
I don’t know where these post-natal creative tendencies have come from {I suspect boredom?} but I’m enjoying being brave enough to try my hand at new things. Next up is sewing!


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