Have you ever heard of mall-walking?  No?  It’s what old people do in the sweltering climes of America when it’s too hot to power walk outside.  They don their shell suits and head inside for laps + air-con.  I couldn’t fit in a shell suit if my life depended on it and we need sheltering from the rain and cold rather than the heat but Dave decided today that I needed to ‘GET OUT OF THE HOUSE’ and ‘GO FOR A WALK’ {his loud american self even louder than usual}.

So, I put up little resistance inwardly laughing at the naivety of the man – did he really think he would escape the mall with just a walk?  A free walk.  Too funny.

It was actually nice.  E had decided that the lesser of two evils on offer today was to visit his great-grandmother instead of going to the mall so Dave and I were rolling solo.  I don’t know why but being out in public and huge and preggo without Ethan makes me self-conscious.  Strangers ignore you when you’re towing a surly 8yo, they don’t force conversations and ask ‘when the twins are due?’ or ‘is it my first?’.  I’m not sure why it bothers me if people think Dave and I are expectant first time parents, but the assumption really doesn’t go down well.  Though in saying that, we were out as a family and the Friendly Stranger assumed that Dave must be my ‘new’ husband and not Ethan’s Dad, simply because of the obvious age gap.  People are lovely aren’t they?

So back to the mall, we were able to finish shopping for E’s bag of gifts from his Little Brother that we will take to the hospital with us, I crossed a couple of weird purchases off my mental list such as buying a regular 2 button mouse for my Mac because I simply can’t abide by NO right mouse button any longer.  I got my eyebrows waxed which was awesome until the technician started some after-wax threading which is so damn painful it made hippo recoil!  We found Ethan two pairs of Vans for $70!  I loved them so much we bought him a size up for next year too;


A little peek into Country Road resulted in this win;


I had been coveting this shirt online for ages, it was in the SALE with an extra 25% off! {shop here, $48.65}  Obviously this is a post-hippo-purchase {PHP if you will}, but I’m thinking button-ups with a breast-feeding tank underneath are going to be my new wardrobe staples in the coming months.

So, mall-working for preggo-exercise; 4 out of five stars.  Dave wasn’t done though, round two involved Pak ‘n Save laps and shopping for food which wasn’t nearly as much fun :  (



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  1. Love your purchases and an entertaining read too. We're headed to Santa Barbara, CA to live in August (from Wellington, New Zealand), so your post title grabbed my attention! I had never heard of 'mall walking' before this post!!

    1. Hi Sarah, I know about your move, I\’m a LONG time blog reader! Looking forward to following you guys xx

  2. Love this idea of Mall Walking – I have been known to resort to it myself on a rainy day with two cabin fevered toddlers in tow. What a steal for the shoes – do you mind if I ask where you found them?

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