Maternity Leave | Day ………….

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All the people with all of the places to go have left.  Dave has gone to his new office on the second day of his new contract, Mum has gone to work, E has gone to school – excited about the Matinee performance of the Operetta in which he has a starring role!

I’m still pregnant.  About to start my daily routine of cooking dinner, cleaning the house, yelling at the dogs, cursing my girth and seeing as it’s Tuesday I will visit my midwife.  Again.

Yes, it’s a bit of a pity party around these parts today, I’m so tired from carrying this gigantic bump around but I can’t sleep.  I dread bedtime with a passion as I have to roll from side to side quite frequently and I really need a chain & tackle system hanging from the roof to complete this awkward shift with ease.  It’s a miracle Dave hasn’t been bounced out of bed yet.

Nothing works to get a baby out that doesn’t want to come out people.  I have given up on all of your remedies, expensive natural therapies and suggestions, because the kid doesn’t care.  The only comforting thought is that there is an end date, I just don’t know when that day is.  Every day I am one day closer.  I feel shit complaining, I’ve had an easy pregnancy, had only two sick days off work in 38 weeks and have enjoyed this second go around for the most part.  At this point it’s just the physicality of actually carrying this baby around that’s getting me down.

And I’m done.

In other house-wiferly news;

  • The Potato, Bacon & Leek soup I made yesterday was amaze {recipe here}.  I’m a recipe meddler, so I just did everything in the one saucepan, never removed the bacon, added more potato, left out the cream, completely pureed it and added a splash of milk to blend at the end.  Delicious.
  • Dave split his shin clean open on Saturday whilst skateboarding.  Every morning he has to rip a massive dressing off his HAIRY leg.  It looks the worst leg waxing experience ever.
  • I washed the exterior windows
  • A big box of Ikea amazingness plus quilt #2 arrived from Tara last week!!!!!  Hello ranch dressing.
  • Tonights dinner is roast chicken with Pea & Feta Risotto {recipe here}