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How to: Meal Planning for the Modern Family

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Dave and I love cooking.  We are constantly looking for meal inspo, experimenting with different techniques or twists on old faves and frequently testing and re-testing our own recipes to share with you guys here or on FB or IG.  But let’s be clear, this ‘fun in the kitchen’ does NOT happen Mon-Fri at 5pm.  At that time of day, as in most households with children present, dinner time (or the ‘Witching Hour’ as it’s more commonly known), is when we parents enter survival mode.  Kids are tired after busy days, hungry, often ‘hangry’, being rushed around to sports practices or after-school activities and with zero patience.  “FEED THE KIDS” becomes priority Number 1 but often at the expense of our lofty (or even just basic!) aims in the nutritional department!

We’ve all seen the proliferation of food delivery services over the past few years; magical meal kits that arrive with recipes, ready to cook and assemble, or simply reheat if you’re really time poor.  Our family has tried and enjoyed most of these offerings and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a massive fan, but………there is obviously a significant cost involved, a lack of choice around products, brands and ingredients used and an inability to cater for multiple, different dietary requirements in each meal.

Until now that is.

Over the past 10 days, we’ve been in the kitchen, getting to know How2Food – an online platform dedicated to providing completely customisable meal plans that work with your family’s nutritional needs and give you back the power to shop when and how you want.

The beauty of How2Food is in it’s simplicity;

  • Create a How2Food account, takes 25 seconds max!
  • Fill out your profile including how many people you need to feed, the number of meal recipes you need per week, & which day you’d like to receive them
  • Select which kitchen appliances you have available for meal prep
  • Specify any allergies, foods you don’t eat and dietary requirements

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Travelblog Meal Planning

That’s it!  Done.  Your weekly recipes and shopping list will be generated on your chosen delivery day and then making magic in the kitchen is all up to you and your family.  

We generally shop at Pak ‘n Save but as we’ve been away in Queenstown all week, having our weekly meal plan completed by How2Food meant we were able to shop online at Countdown and have a food delivery set-up for Saturday afternoon – organisational convenience at its finest right?!

So what’s on our menu for next week?  Two Mexican dishes (our family fave!) and shrimp pasta.  The recipes sound amazing and perfectly suited to our family’s tastes and time available to spend in the kitchen on meal prep.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Travelblog Meal Planning

So what do you guys think?  I’m in love with this concept; it’s completely different to anything on the market right now, provides the benefits of meal delivery services with the freedom to shop how and when you choose, ultimately saving you money.

To celebrate their launch, How2Food are offering a one-month free trial as well as a referral incentive which could see your monthly subscription reduced from $19.95 to just .50c if you refer up to 5 friends!

Let’s get cooking guys and get our families back in the kitchen and back to our dining room tables in 2017.