Mid-semester break reading list

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Because reading for pleasure has sadly been replaced with ‘reading for a boring accounting degree’ in the last two years, I embraced my new Part-Time Student status with reckless abandon and checked out three novels from the library yesterday.  I have two weeks off before the semester resumes, well the first week is actually gone but I have already finished a book, so we will see how far I get. 



Debbie Macomber – Susannah’s Garden

OK, I have finished this book finally.  Tara left it here after her visit in January, and it is a bit of a yawn-fest so I left it to gather dust for a few months.  Definitely an easy read, cute middle-American characters, my Nana would like this book.   2/10





Polly Williams – The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy

I am currently reading this little number and I love it.  British housewife humour, very Bridget Jones, very dry and lets face it….who doesn’t want to be a yummy mummy?






Carl Hiaasen – Nature Girl

Shame on me for picking this book as I have ridiculed Nathan on more than one occasion for his appreciation of Hiaasen’s writing.  It’s so Florida and so non-literary, there’s no class or beauty in Hiaasen’s words, but I guess I might have enjoyed his story telling a little bit :::::maybe?::::  I’ll let you know.





David Guterson – Our Lady of the Forest

This was a random pick, but I have read his book Snow Falling on Cedars and that was awesome, very compelling.  This will be the last read as it just doesn’t look that riveting, you know, because you always judge a book by its cover right?