Mid-Winter Sales……and me

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To celebrate the fact that I was well enough to get out of bed yesterday, the boys took me shopping.  The mall is a  dangerous fantastic place to be in the midst of our sobering  economic  climate.  Everything is on sale, if you are paying full price for something at the moment you may have lost your marbles (but can probably pick up some new ones at 50% off).  I found a pair of Country Rd jeans for $45 (more than 50% off) and these two fab tops from Max which were also 50% off.  Ok.  To be truthful, I got 2 of the grey star-sign tops as they will be so great for layering in winter and as t-shirts in summer. 

Leo Tee, Tops, womens clothing and fashion at Maxshop.com  

Ethan is permanently fixed to his computer at the moment and is obsessed with hidden object games (made for grown-ups of course), so the advertisements on TV for the board game Pictureka really appealed to me.  I wanted to be able to encourage what he enjoyed, but also get him off the computer.  This game is SO much fun, we all had a blast playing it last night, it is easy to tweak the game play for all ages and best of all it was on sale at K-Mart for $29!