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A lovely, but hectic weekend of dinner dates, bbq’s, skateboarding, eeling, family workouts, playdates, cycling, swimming and the endless minutiae of weekend chores came to a head last night when Dave and Ethan finally returned home for the ER at 10pm!  Nothing major thank goodness, a suspected fracture in one of the small bones in E’s wrist sees him in a splint for 2 weeks with more x-rays to follow.  Dave and I were getting Nix in his bike seat after a lovely swim in the school pool; E was practising riding his bike with no hands……..

With one week left before he returns to school, I caught a glimpse of how tired Ethan had become over summer.  Slightly later nights and jam packed days have left him with little in the tank so a slow, quiet Anniversary Day is pretty much perfection for us right now.  

Dave left for Wellington at 5.30 this morning so I needed to get the week off to a relaxed and easy start for both the kids and myself.  I may not have had a shower yet but I have pottered, and tidied, gardened and played with the boys.  I have tackled some easy {but mundane & dreaded} tasks like the fly spots and cleaning the high chair – pretty much my most despised tasks around the house.  The whites are flapping on the line, the baby is asleep, the frog is chomping all the flies I’m catching to prevent any more fly poo on my ceilings {I wish!} and big is lying on the couch, reading and relishing a bit more screen time than normal.  

So by most accounts, a totally lame Auckland Anniversary day, but life is allowed to move a little slower in the SAHM lane right?  Knowing I’m not rushing off to work tomorrow allows a little chance to breathe and remember that the beaches and the parks, the pools and the ice-creams will all still be there on Tuesday and may just taste a little sweeter after our absence today.

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