Monday. It’s over

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After my most marvelous day yesterday Monday morning came way too quickly. So quickly in fact that I remembered about an 8.20am physio appointment while I was in the shower. No problem, I was a little rushed but I made it. Except the appointment was not this morning, it was for Tuesday morning. Sigh.
Work was good, aside from the copier technician I called in to pull out a plastic tray. Yes that’s right. Sigh.
But there was something I was forgetting…… Oh yeah the lecture at 1pm that I have only been attending for oh, TEN FREAKING WEEKS! So I made it to class sans notes and legislation but hi ho.
Ethan had a great day, he auditioned for a little tv show at school and I successfully got him to soccer practise and even remembered all of his gear! It was a stunning afternoon with very strange warm winds and a clear sky that made my bumbling day seem kind funny.