Mum & Dad Time

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It has been a pretty hectic two weeks since we moved house, Ethan has been on holiday with me as we wait for a place to open up for him at his new kindergarten (hopefully the first week of June) and Dave has been working some long hours at the restaurant. So to mix it up Ethan stayed the night at Mum and Dad’s house, Dave was home early from work and we had a nice sleep in this morning sans our 4yo alarm clock!
There is a driving range and golf course five minutes from our new house so I am pretty keen to start playing again, Dave remembered me saying that and suggested that we pack up some clubs and go and hit a few balls. It was so much fun! After a few duds I had the old wood cracking some beautys right down the middle – loved it.





After we finished schwacking all of our balls we went to lunch at The Carriages, an awesome cafe made out of old railway carriages that is right on the river.


It was the best meal out we have had in so long.  We ordered the Platter for two which served pretty much every one of our favourite savoury treats; two loaves of hot, fresh baked bread, chorizo, salami, pastrami, smoked sausages, two different chutneys, brie, blue cheese, swiss, salad, pickles, kalamata olives and peppers.  OMG, so good paired with a crisp local chardonnay.  Image018It was such a lovely morning made even better when we went to pick Ethan up afterward and saw how happy he was and what a lovely time he had had with his grandparents.