Mummy Dilemma #77: Do I need to go to the doctor?

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I suffer from hideous seasonal allergies, usually resulting in massive sneezing fits but in particular it’s my eyes that are getting hammered this year. I’ve been making it worse by rubbing them when I get stressed and tired {which is a lot at the moment} and have woken up on numerous occasions over the past two weeks with a completely bloodshot, icky and crusty eye.
So, being the thrifty and time poor mummy that I am, I have tried antihistamines, ClearEyes, cold compresses…..and then I remembered that Nixon had been prescribed some antibiotic eye drops when he was a baby. I of course threw caution to the wind and have been self-medicating, not a thought to the fact that I was dropping expired medicine into my eyeballs! Pfffttt.
As long as I don’t have to go to the doctors office right? I would actually prefer to drop meths in my eyes then go to the doctor’s office with Nixon.
There are approximately 10 million pot plants in the waiting room, all in various stages of dehydration, making their pots perfect, lightweight baby bowling balls. There are about 103 shitty, germy old toys that Nixon thinks he loves more than he loves his brother, toys guaranteed to invoke instant tantrums the second you even motion towards the door to leave. There are also at least 3 hacking cough-ers, 2 grumpy seniors and one toddler who is primed to take an instant dislike to Nixon and any possibility of sharing the beloved toys.
You feel me? You’d stay home and use expired eye drops too right?
Tell me I’m not the only one.