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I’ve never explored the concept of litter-less lunchboxes.  I’m not sure why, but it’s probably got something to do with an ingrained love of gladwrap that I inherited from my mother.  We love to wrap up food.  Weird, I know, moving right along!

Plastic wrap poses huge environmental problems, there is no refuting this.  The risk it poses to animals as well as the environmental impact of non-degradable materials is now a problem that we as consumers can no longer ignore.  Preventative measures don’t have to be difficult either.  Simple solutions are ones that stick and sometimes end up making an impact far greater than large grandiose gestures.  The perfect, simple and effective solution to plastic wrap and sandwich bags is made right here in NZ, by a Mum (!), is lead, phthalates and BPA free, the exterior is 100% cotton with waterproof fabric on the inside and it’s inexpensive and cute to boot. Win!

Meet the Munch Litter-less wraps and baggies.  My kitchen and my kids lunchboxes will hopefully never be missing either of these super eco-essentials again!

The Munch Baggie is the perfect size for a half sandwich, snack pack or a slice of feijoa loaf as pictured – (find the feijoa loaf recipe here).  Measuring 19 x 15 cm, this makes managing snack time on the go so much easier for little hands.  Fill with popcorn, grapes, dried fruit, vege sticks or baking……….the possibilities are endless.  A feature I love is how easily Nixon is able to navigate the velcro closure; have you ever seen toddlers trying to extricate food from the prison of plastic wrap?  Sometimes it’s just too hard and healthy options can get relegated back to the lunchbox because of their inaccessibility.


The baggie’s big brother is the Munch Wrap.  Ethan and Dave like a big filled roll for lunch so I was interested to see if the reusable wrap would be able to cope.  Pictured below is a large ciabatta roll stuffed with fillings.  The Munch wrap is 37cm in diameter and made short work of Ethan’s lunch roll, wrapping it firmly and securely with no spillage before the lunch bell rings.Munch Reusable Food Wraps NZ Mummy Blogger These wraps are cute, eco-friendly and do exactly what they are intended to do – provide a perfect replacement to plastic wrap that is easy to use, keeps food fresh and is also easy to re-use.  Just wipe them down with a cloth or give them a quick wash when they need it.  An easy investment at $13.99 each, available from the Munch Cupboard.

If you would like to win a Munch Baggie and Wrap simply comment below, telling me who would use these in your house.  Competition closes May 3rd at 10pm.

Congratulations to Bridget Whittaker!  I will get these in the mail to you asap, please check your email xx

Munch Reusable Food Wraps NZ Mummy Blogger



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  1. I currently use fishing tackle boxes for my boys’ snacks/lunches which means no cling film or packaging is necessary (yay) BUT as biggest is now a school boy, the little compartments don’t hold quite enough for his active wee self, so if I win, they’ll be used by him xx

  2. My children were my inspiration to give up glad wrap and look for bpa free products that were much better for them and the environment. I drive my husband mad each morning when he emptys the dishwasher and finds lots of little plastic containers that never seem to dry properly! So my children would love the wraps and I imagine by husband would be grateful for one less container to dry.

  3. I think it would be a race between my two daughters as to who would get these in their lunch boxes!

  4. I’d use it for all four of my kids, but the most who would get use out of it would be my son. He has sensory issues so takes along time to eat. When we need to go in a hurry we can pack up his Sammies and away we go ???? would be so awesome to have!

  5. My son starts school in June so would be perfect timing for him! He has sammies most days and I’d love to use these instead of the usual glad wrap!

  6. I would use these for all of our 3 kids. I hate glad wrap so have been using containers and sandwich reusable glad bags, but these are cool!

  7. I would use to hold crackers for my wee mans lunch box. We are starting the no glad wrap journey so currently using containers but would be good to have a few options!

  8. My gorgeous soon to be 7 year old. The only item still being wrapped is the sammies so this would just finish the lunchbox off perfectly šŸ™‚

  9. It would be Mr 4 for kindy and after swimming lessons. We are plastic cling free, so very keen on this idea.

  10. What a fabulous idea, not only no more wastage but think of the environment we are helping.
    Master 3 grandson will be happy to know nany's entered this competition for him…:)

  11. Oh man, we would all use these! I’ve been eyeing up this kind of thing for years, but it seemed ridiculous to buy them from the US… I’m soooo sick of using the little ziplock baggies!

  12. Keen as to give these a try with my younger two, their school has been planning to go litter free. I better start stocking up!

  13. I have my husband and my lunch every day for 35 years. I will not use plastic wrap and still use lunch wrap but this would be perfect. What an inspirational idea. It would keep us lunching for another 10 years!

  14. My daughter for Kindy, though i would be quite tempted to keep them fir myself so Mummy gets lunch on the go too ????

  15. These would be great for my daughters lunch box. Her schools no rubbish policy means sandwich wrapping is tricky so I tend to make only sandwiches that naturally stick together! This would make her lunch opens far more exciting.

  16. I would use these for my lunch to take to work during the week and then for the entire family on weekends as we love our picnics! (I am always unsure if items like this take to school will return from school no matter how well labelled.)

  17. I have three kids at school and one at kindy so it would be marvellous for any of them. My 10 year old's school has a no litter policy and all rubbish is bought home as they don't have rubbish bins, only scrap bins. This would be a huge help in our steps towards a litter free lunch box.

  18. Would love to win n use these. So eco friendly and look so smart/Would be easier to just drop them into bags . Miss seven uses plastic takeaway boxes.

  19. Would be great to have for my husband for work and for the whole family (including 3 year old) for picnics out to the park.

  20. really makes someone look differently as to how we wrap our munchies, my mind has been changed

  21. For my stepsons who get embarassed when we reuse other packaging wrapping to wrap their lunches because we don't buy gladwrap!

  22. These would be a huge hit for taking to playcentre with my two small humans. We are plastic wrap free there for safety reasons and also a great way to teach the children about recycling and the environment.

  23. These would definitely be put to good use in our house for school and work lunches!

  24. I would use these for my daughter! I love using reusable things and this looks amazing and would be well used in my household šŸ™‚

  25. My children would use these for school (three at school) my two kindy kids would also be able to use them. I can use them for my own snacks and even for my babies snacks.

  26. Yes please. With 3 daughters that like to take sandwiches to school, I would love to have something that replaces the Glad Wrap that we use.

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