New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Ice block Molds

Munch Reviews | Reusable Ice Pops + Giveaway

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Ice block Molds

Ice blocks, Popsicles, Ice Pops, Ice creams…………….. whatever your favourite frozen treat, consumption is always 1000 x more complicated, messy and prone to spills, drops and tears when you share with little people.  Nix is (of course!) in love with frozen treats and eats them with such gusto that I pretty much have to hose him off after the last sticky bite has either been devoured or has fallen off the stick onto the ground ::::::cue tears::::::

The convenience, savings and quality control of making homemade popsicles is nothing new, however, the mechanism with which to do it is now simply brilliant.

Hello Munch Reusable Ice Pops!New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Ice block Molds

There is a popular ice block here in New Zealand that pretty much makes mummies rejoice every time we spot them in the store.  Entirely self-contained in a waxed-paper type tube – no drips, sticky paws and minimal mess.  The smarties at Munch have made this concept even better with their take-home, make-at-home version.  

Made from BPA food grade silicone, the conical shape of Munch Pops works brilliantly and is so easy for little hands to manage.  For our first batch of thousands I’m sure lol, we kept it simple by using  my fave cold fruit tea.  I was a bit worried about the lids leaking and having a mess to clean up in the freezer, but the ridges on the caps make for a super firm, secure fit.  I was really surprised.  The benefit of this is that you can pop the cap back on and re-freeze for later – love this!
New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Ice block Molds

Nix quickly got the hang of the push-up action and sat and enjoyed his treat until he was able to tip the tube and drink the rest of his tea, which is a huge feat of focus for him!  

So, I LOVE the Munch Reusable Ice Pops for the following reasons;

  • The colours are rad
  • The design is perfection – no drips!
  • The lids WORK
  • Zero waste
  • Perfectly priced (buy yours here, $17 for a pack of 4)
Comment below to win a four pack of Munch reusable Ice pops.  Contest closes 7/4/16.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Ice block Molds New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Ice block Molds



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31 thoughts on “Munch Reviews | Reusable Ice Pops + Giveaway”

  1. Me and my nieces would love these, we would be able to make healthy ice blocks yes please

  2. Oooh, I’d like to try one of this as I’d like to try a couple of new recipes that I’ve found and this would be amazing to have! 🙂

  3. Looks rad! My 14mth old son loves anything frozen and he’s had the occasional push up ice pop, but these would be great to make lower sugar options 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! These look awesome. We have some ice block makers but I don’t use them as I hate the mess of ice blocs. This would solve the problem!

  5. Wow these look cool! My kids would love them and it would be cheaper and healthier than buying ice blocks from the shop. <3

  6. What a great invention, I love the ability to make my own iceblocks at home so I know exactly whats in them but the no mess of these takes that to the next level. ??

  7. What a great invention, I love the ability to make my own iceblocks at home so I know exactly whats in them but the no mess of these takes that to the next level. ??

  8. Coooool, these look fantastic, id freeze some yoghurt in them, if they don’t leak, perfect for the lunch box 🙂 🙂

  9. My girls would love these, so great to make some ‘healthy’ options using frozen smoothies. I would be keen to try out some not so healthy options, for example, a vodka orange ice pop for the grown ups 🙂

  10. These would be great for my youngest 3 grandchildren, cut down on mess and stickiness with added bonus of being reusable.

  11. Yes Please! We would love to win these! My 2 1/2yr old LOVES ice blocks (making and eating them!) and her 8 month old brother would find these easy to hold aswell

  12. Summer isn’t going to be over yet!! I think these are nifty and a great way to encourage liquids and can get creative and make lots of healthy flavours, unlike iceblocks sometimes picked up from supermarket and they are easy to hold and tops can be put back on them! 🙂

  13. Those look really cool. I remember my mum making us ice lollies in Tupperware moulds when I was little but they would always spill. These look so much better – would love to win and try them out!

  14. The caps on top are a great idea – I would love to have had these on hand over the recent hot summer months!

  15. These sound like just what I need when my daughter has her friends or cousins over on the hot Summer days. I won’t be picking up wrappers and sticks and omg being drip free sounds like bliss from the clean ups needed after they make a mess.

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