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Munch: Seasonal Cookbook for Baby & Family + Giveaway!

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Munch Review and Giveaway Mummy Blog NZI’m so pleased to have joined Munch Cooking this year as one of their Munch Mums!   Look out for my reviews and giveaways each month as I introduce you to some awesome {and pretty innovative} products from The Munch Cupboard.

A cookbook for kids is quite a hard sell for me.  Kids grow so quickly and move through the varying infant nutrition phases with such speed {in hindsight lol} that investing in a book based around baby purees just doesn’t work for me.  That’s the point of difference which sets the Munch: Seasonal Cookbook for Baby & Family apart from the rest.  Author Anna Bordignon has successfully combined the meal requirements of the whole family to produce a comprehensive compendium of fab meal ideas that everyone will love.

Munch Cookbook Mummy Blog NZ

Our family menu is based around classic, nourishing meals.  There is no soaking cashews or avoidance based diets in my kitchen; we like hearty, sustaining meals that are as healthful as possible.  Every recipe in Munch ticks these boxes for me.  Wendyl Nissen sums this up perfectly in the foreword, noting that this is a ‘return to a more simple way of thinking about food.  Eating in season, eating fresh and eating for nutrition as well as taste.  Just like our Nanas used to”.  I love this philosophy!

Recipes are organised based upon seasonal availability which is an awesome way to meal-plan and ensure that your family’s food miles are minimised, you are making the most of seasonal savings on produce and you are receiving the maxed out nutritional and taste benefits that accompany eating in-season fruit and veges.

I wanted to ensure my big boy was totally rested and fuelled up for the first day of school on Monday, so Sunday was spent relaxing at home and unwinding, .  Dave and I enjoyed a few hours in the kitchen baking lunchbox snacks, but a yummy Sunday lunch was definitely required!  Honestly I could have picked any of a multitude of recipes from Munch because they all consist of pantry staples that I pretty much always have on hand.  This is another huge plus when you are perusing a recipe book right?

I settled on the Busytown Pizzas as I knew both the boys would love them.  Omg.  Kumara based dough!!!  Pure genius.  We all agreed these were so delicious and we’re throwing out our traditional pizza dough recipe for good.  I made mini pizzas and froze some extras for quick after school snacks for Ethan or dinners for Nix.

If you would like the chance to win a copy of Munch: Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family RRP $28 enter via the widget below, or if you just can’t wait you can buy your own copy here.

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