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After Ethan’s first, somewhat tearful, soccer game last week, we were cautiously optimistic yesterday morning when we rolled up for game number 2.  I was pretty sure he had himself together though, there isn’t too much that really throws Ethan for a loop and soccer ticks all the boxes for him really.  It is structured, there are rules, there is Coach Ken there for him to listen to and try to impress and there is one really good player on the team for Ethan to try and get better than.  The game was great, The Wizards were totally outplayed but Ethan was amazing!  He set-up the plays, was with the ball the whole time throughout the game and best of all he had such a good time.  He told me he was a little nervous at first, but then he thought in his head that this looked like so much fun that he was going to try so hard!

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