My Little Minder

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Ethan is quite convinced that I am unable to make my way through the world without his assistance.  Lord knows how he thinks I manage at work, where I have keys to the building and have to drive a company car and TALK TO STRANGERS {to be fair, I’m not sure how I handle these things some days either}.

I’m pretty sure he views me as the Brittany Spears of Mothers, apt to make huge social faux pas’ like flash my bits in the swimmg pool parking lot, or get busted shop lifting nail polish at Four Square or something.  Despite his reservations, most days I am able to keep my shit together without his help, but he likes to remind me of things.  Often.

  • On Monday.  “Mum have you got my swimming bag?”.  Ethan has been swimming for seven years now.  I have forgotten his swimming bag ONCE.  He will never forget.
  • “Mama……you better close that door!”.  The second hand dog decided yesterday morning that before work/school was definately the optimal time to jump the fence and head down the road to the pub (I’m serious, that’s where he went).
  • “Mama have you got your wallet?”.  I went to Pak ‘n Save ONCE without my wallet.  Master was not amused.
  • “Mama, are you speeding???”.  Maybe….
  • “Mama do you drink anything that doesn’t come out of a can?”.  Of course I do, wine doesn’t come in a can!
  • “Mama have you locked the doors?”.  Yes, but not the windows.  I need them open to climb back in to get my keys that I locked in there.

I try not to giggle at him but some times his bossy little old man ways are hilarious.  Do any of you have little worry-worts at home? How do they keep you on the straight and narrow, I’d love to know!