My messy house

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This is my own personal name and shame post, except of course I am only going to shame myself, but then I am going to set my egg timer for 20 min and there will be a minor picking-up frenzy and then my house will be tidy!

Lets take a look;

June 193

First stop = computer desk.  As we can see, the remains of my daily staples are still apparent (Cadbury Black Forest Chocolate an V drink.  Also present; NZ Textbook (I really need to get organized for next semester), slowcooker recipe books (I need to scan my favs and return to Mum, Student allowance info (needs filing), Ethan’s Easter bulb pots (in xmas bag) which really need their respective bulbs planted in them!!!

June 194

Next = Messy side shelf, this reminds me that I need to photograph ALL of Ethan’s art work and upload images to photo-storage website so I can display them on my blog and recycle all of the paper!

 June 198 June 196

Next = Messy kitchen, yes people, Ethan and I, definitely ate lunch here, but why is a hair-clip on the bench?

June 195

Next = Ethan’s lunch graveyard

June 199

Next = Box of baby clothes. Hmmmm this is a BORING one, need to be photographed and put on Trademe – might not get to this today ;  )

June 200 June 201

Next = I don’t know who’s room this is!!!!

June 202 June 203

Last = The sharks have escaped again, luckily there is a shark encyclopedia nearby so I can quickly identify them!


Ok, here I go….

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