Nixon turns One | Needle and Nail Rustic Mini Mailbox


There has definitely been a theme to the shopping I have done so far for Nixon’s first birthday, everything purchased to date has been wooden!  Yah, go me, slayer of trees.  I find that much like his big bro, plastic ‘baby’ toys don’t really hold his attention for too long so I’ve been trying to think outside the box and pick out a few, really beautiful toys that will grow with him and stimulate his imagination. As soon as I saw the first release of toys from the amazing husband and wife team that are Needle & Nail I was in love.  With everything!  The Rustic Mini Mailbox is perfect for the developmental stage Nixon is currently at; he loves opening and closing things, putting things in and taking them out – over and over again.  The finishing is gorgeous, this is an individually numbered heirloom toy that you will want in your family for years to come.

$65 available in white or original from the Needle and Nail Etsy Store





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