No baddies allowed – Pineapple Heads All Natural Hair & Bath Care Products for Kids + Giveaway!

No baddies allowed – Pineapple Heads All Natural Hair & Bath Care Products for Kids + Giveaway!

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It’s not weird to want to eat your kids bubblebath right?  Like actually just charge it back straight from the bottle………I think I need an intervention people!

After using and loving the Pineapple Heads shampoo on Nixie’s golden locks earlier in the year, I was freaking pumped to get the whole range into the bathroom and lather the boys in some yummy, all natural, New Zealand made goodness.  

Lord knows they need  m o r e  washing.  

It’s June, the early days of a cold and gloomy winter are upon us and Nixon was in {physically IN} the vege garden this morning at 7.40am.  Digging in the dirt.  Having the time of his life.  This is standard procedure around here.  Hence the child bathes a lot.

This is where I worry.  It’s not entirely uncommon for him to shower twice a day, and the effect on his beautiful baby skin is quite apparent.  It gets really dry and bumpy and he loses his deliciously soft and squishy touchability if I’m not careful with the products we use.  Not only that, but exposing his skin to such frequent product application is not something I take likely.

My sporty, outdoor-loving, landscape destroying boys have taken to the Pineapple Heads range like pigs to mud.  Me too.  I could happily huff the stuff all day long, but you know, totes inappropriate.  Everything just smells SO DAMN GOOD!  Think nectarine, coconut, hibiscus flower, peaches, honeysuckle, mango, papaya, lime, lotus flower………..seriously every product in the range is a veritable fruit salad of yummy bubbles.  Pineapple Heads Founder Megan (who is a Mum herself) developed her kid friendly fragrances with a French Parfumer who specialises in natural and organic scents!  Fancy.

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Good news;  we have been using Pineapple Heads exclusively for a week and Nixie’s skin is loving it!  I was rubbing lotion on him after every shower, but have found that I’m not having to do it every time now.  The ‘No Baddies’ formulations in the range seem to have eliminated the drying effect that bathing has on his skin.  Now I just wish for a tropical scented moisturiser for kids to complete the range!  

My big boy Ethan is also down with the yummy smells now on offer in the bathroom.  He has hair like steel wool but I’ve always struggled with getting him to consistently use conditioner to soften his mane, the extra step in an already arduous part of his day  – that would be bathing – has always been a step too far.  The peach, honeysuckle and lemon balm conditioner is doing the job it’s designed to do and softening and smoothing his coarse hair.  I’m stoked and he’s now amped on washing, though always seems to emerge from the shower hungry?

Very Important things to Know;

  • Pineapple Heads products contain No Baddies.  No silicones, polyethylene glycol, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants and is cruelty free, yay animals!
  • Pineapple Heads is made in New Zealand, designed by a kiwi mum!
  • You can buy Pineapple Heads online here > www.pineappleheads.co.nz
Pineapple Heads are rad and they want you to get scrubbing with the good stuff too!  Head over to our Facebook page where you can win an ah-mazing bounty of products plus a hilarious new picture book called Jimmy Shampoo and the Nasty Grey Goo!  Be quick, competition closes Wednesday June 10th.

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  1. Karena · June 3, 2015

    I'm glad my blond is not the only grubby around, this morning heading to kindy, get out of the car and runs straight to a muddy puddle, filthy before even walking in the door!! Sooooo different to my older girls!

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