Nursery Bunting

Nursery Sneak Peek | I hung the bunting!

So, so much to do and so, little energy! Todays few pain free hours were spent yelling on the sidelines of E’s rugby game {I’m told this can induce labour so am vigorously practicing for the opportune moments coming in the next few weeks}.


I haven’t done too much in the nursery over the last couple of weeks as I’m waiting for some prints to arrive, and then …….. I will frame and hang everything, and see what else Lil Hippo’s room needs before it is just right (I’m thinking what we need now are the boring essential-unmentionables like giant maxi-pads and nipple cream), can’t wait to go shopping for those!

But, I did hang the lovely fabric bunting I purchased form Crave a few months ago and I’m rapt with it! It’s bright and vibrant and matches the rest of the nursery in that it matches nothing. I think once I have finished there will be a couple of colours that tie everything together – at least that’s the plan!




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2 thoughts on “Nursery Sneak Peek | I hung the bunting!”

  1. Cool colours! I'm loving mismatched everything at the moment, I hope Little Hippo isn't getting too big!

  2. The bunting looks fantastic! After years of matchy, matchy it is so fabulous to see bright mis-matched interiors being embraced! Love it

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