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Oh How I Laughed – Adult Napping

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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top sleep NetflixLast night was a rare, rare occasion where I was simply too exhausted to do anything else but lay on the couch under a blanket (WTF is this weather about!!), drink wine and watch tv.  Usually my mummy-ADD kicks in after about 25 minutes and the To-Do list show reel starts running through my head and I get fidgety.

And then I get up.

And that’s the end of Relaxing Time.

But not last night, so great was the Nixon-induced exhaustion that once I was on that couch there was no budging.  Dave and I were watching our “new show” Master of None on Netflix – it’s seriously THE BEST, think Parks and Rec, but less blatant comedic acting, more real life grit.  So, there are lots of youngish, 30-ish? single peeps in the show with no kids.  In one of the episodes we watched last night, main character Dev takes a potential girlfriend on a 24 hour trip to Nashville.  

How awesome we thought!  Nashville looks amaze!  If we were still living in the states that’s totally a city we would visit, so much to see and do and so many restaurants and bars……..

……..and then they took a nap.



See this is where the disconnect between parents and unencumbered singles becomes a huge freaking chasm.  If Dave and I had 24hrs kid free in an awesome new city we’d probably be running around like maniacs trying to cram everything in because god knows how many years it may be until the next child free trip!  And to waste some of that precious time napping? – even though goddamn it I need a nap SO bad right now, I just don’t know if I could do it!

I mean I literally can’t do it, take a nap that is.  Nix has given up his naps so I’m shit-outta-luck there, and even when he was napping it was just something I didn’t prioritise.  Should I have?  Maybe, then cumulative years of exhaustion might not be breaking my balls right now lol.

Let’s put this in context; Dave and I were weighing up watching 30 minutes more of Netflix (this is an important decision because more show = less sleep and it’s so hard to adult on 5 hours sleep) whilst the characters in the show miss their flight (imagine the horror of that if you have kids, THE SCHEDULE IS OUT THE WINDOW!!), arrive back in New York at like 11pm or something, and then go out to eat – again –  like it’s no big thing.

Parents, can you imagine that luxury of time?  Missed flight?  No big deal.  Eating – anytime you want, there’s no bedtime to worry about of course, no-one is going to descend into the madness of a hangry tantrum if they don’t eat dinner at 5.30pm.  

Time is a luxury and so are my children, I wouldn’t wish them away for all the naps in the world.  This post isn’t about that.  It’s simply about trying to remember how wonderfully laid-back our narcissistic days were before we had kids.  I struggle to remember them to tell the truth!

So, two things;

  1. Do you remember enjoying the luxury of time in your pre-kids, nap-if-I-want-to years?
  2. What’s the procedure on having multiple shows on the go at once on Netflix?  Is it like reading where you finish one book before starting another, or is it cool to dabble in a few different series?  We’re currently watching Shameless, Orange is the New Black and now Master of None depending on our mood. 

Have a great week!  Maybe you might squeeze in a nap?

ps.  Watch the Master of None trailer, SO good!