Oh Sir Bob, now you’ve gone & OFFENDED people!

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What a surprise.  People are angry because Sir Bob Jones got on his soapbox.  Again.

Though his latest rant is nothing if it’s not inflammatory – intentionally so.  Basically his position is that back in the day fat people were as rare as hens teeth, so rare in fact that people would pay money to see the Fat Lady at the carnival.  Now we all know that to see the Fat Lady, Fat Man or Fat Child, all we have to do is leave the house.  So much has changed in 60 years, our lifestyles have  become more sedentary, manufacturing and modern retail have changed the food we eat and how we get it, cultures have merged and melded bringing different foods and tastes into collision with western norms.

The fact of the matter is, fat is unavoidable.  It HAS become normalized if not accepted and valued.  There are multi-million dollar industries invested in the foregone conclusion that fat is here to stay and it’s bigger than ever.  Let’s really think about this people; there are TV shows about turning around the lives of obese people and making them skinny healthy again {if I hadn’t crossed out skinny there would have been the comments about how big people can be healthy too…..right?}.  The contestants on the shows aren’t having surgery or taking magic pills, they are doing what we all know WORKS.  Burn more calories than you consume.  Don’t eat a bunch of crap.  Exercise.

Yes, they have the best trainers in the world yelling at them and they have a kitchen stocked with healthy alternatives, but consider this; does it cost you anything to stop eating takeaways or fast food?  Does it cost you anything to get up earlier and go for a walk?

Undeniably, as one commenter noted, the delivery was harsh, downright rude.  But there is a message in there, and most overweight people know it.  I’ve been overweight (for me) and it got to the point where it consumed me and I was sick of it.  Hating my body took up way too much energy.  Change is hard and commitment is harder, but being fat is not always a life sentence if you choose to put in some hard work and not just of the sweaty kind.

Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym