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News in New Zealand this week is the much publicized disclosure of video demonstrating the vile state of the pork industry.  Local comedian Mike King, formerly the spokesperson for the NZ pork industry snuck into a pig jailpig farm and filmed the undersized sow cages that farmed pigs live in.  It’s abhorrent and torturous, the pigs can’t move, some can’t even stand and are horribly afflicted.  The “Old Boys Club” that is The New Zealand Pork Industry, only admitted tonight on live TV that the images that were aired may be offensive to ‘consumers’ who were not aware of pig farming practices.  WTF???  obviously those farmers who make a living by lining their pockets from the inhumane  farming of these animals who enjoy no quality life what-so ever, do not find these horrific images offensive.  New Zealanders who are so proud of our world famous lamb and beef exports would never allow cows and sheep to be cage-farmed so why is it accepted practise to farm pigs this way?

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In cynical kiwi style the footnote ending the article notes “The pork industry’s board had postponed the annual Bacon of the Year awards in response to the programme.”  How Sensitive of them.

Visit http://www.lovepigs.org.nz/ and get involved by refusing to buy NZ torture-pork

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