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On Holiday in Rarotonga | Rumours Waterfall Spa

Top Travel Blog new Zealand Rarotonga

When we first began planning our trip well over a year ago, there was one thing Dave was desperate to do in Rarotonga – go on a fishing charter, so we made this happen.  The one thing I wanted to do was to go to a spa and enjoy a blissful massage – read: an hour of peace and quiet, desperately needed when taking the kids on a 12 day vacation don’t you think?  Rumours Waterfall Spa made my wish happen for me and it was every inch the luxe experience I had hoped for.

Having never visited Rarotonga before I had no idea that Rumours was located a mere 150m walk from our rented accommodation, just south of popular Muri Beach.  After a quick stroll and Tara and I arrived a little early and sat outside because the lush, perfectly manicured garden was too pretty not to enjoy.

Top Travel Blog new Zealand Rarotonga

Upon entering I noticed two things; the first was the number of awards that were tastefully decorating the walls.  Most recently Rumours was awarded Best Luxury Beauty Spa in Rarotonga, actually they’ve won the award every year since 2011!  There is no shortage of spas to choose from on the island so this is quite an achievement. Secondly, one can’t ignore the beautiful rock waterfall featuring in the reception area which instantly set the tone I was looking for, peace and tranquility.

We were booked in for 60min relaxation massages described as a smooth flowing massage that induces deep relaxation, improves circulation and ultimately relieves muscular tension. The ultimate stress reliever!

The treatment room was as you’d expect from a spa with such glowing accolades, spotlessly clean but also effortlessly comfortable.  I positively sank into the massage table and tuned out for the next hour.

I’ve had what I thought were full body massages before, but this was indeed a full body massage including my buttocks and face – both of which were amazing!  It makes so much sense that to relieve lower back tension you need to fully work on the big muscles in your butt!

The use of locally sourced coconut oil for the massage was the pièce de résistance.  I’ve always wanted to try this natural super-oil as a body moisturiser and let me tell you the proof is irrefutable!  My skin was transformed instantly and the super-hydration lasted for 2 days after the massage!

If you have saved and planned like we had, I absolutely recommend taking some time (and allocating some holiday budget) for yourself.  Rumours Waterfall Spa is without a doubt deserving of their many awards and their beautiful therapists are extremely skilled at what they do.  The whole experience was more than I had wished for and left me uber relaxed and in the right state of mind to enjoy the rest of my vacation.  




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