Op-Shop Show Off | Vintage Mustard Chair

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Oh my lord.  This was one of those finds that I have hoped for, imagined in my home and finally scored!  Waipu has quite the plethora of second hand shops, so I was really looking forward to some lazy browsing last week.  As it turns out the shops in Waipu operate on Waipu-time, meaning they either don’t open at all on Mondays or Tuesdays or if they open at 11am this really means they don’t open before 11am but it may be some time after 11am (like 12pm) before anyone arrives!  So, sitting in your truck outside to wait may be a lengthy exercise in exasperation.

I didn’t even have to go into any shops to find my beautiful new/old chair – it was sitting on the side of the road like a woe-begone hitchhiker!  So Sad.  We were on our way to the beach and I pulled over to have a look, fell in love immediately but it was all a bit hard to manhandle a large armchair then and there.  I promised that if it was still there the next day I would buy it.  I thought of little else until the next morning, which was a sign that this wasn’t just an impulse buy.  You definitely have to be sure about a loud and proud piece such as this, and at $150 it was still within my realms of a “good buy” considering the chair’s mint condition, but it certainly wasn’t a trivial amount of money to spend.

This guy is super comfy, sturdy and fits in with my mid-century sensibilities just perfectly.  I’m in love.

vintage chair