Our house was full of flowers…

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One day it wasn’t and then the next we had bouquets out the ying-yang and we were all sad.  Baby Peanut had missed the bus and it was a BIG shock.  I never in a million years had considered that I would miscarry, or that if I did, my body would be so retarded as not to tell me at all.  For like 5 WEEKS!  I know.

Having spent the day in hospital having unspeakable things done to me, I can honestly say that I have lived through the worst day of my life and I am quietly proud of myself.  I expected to fall apart and lose the plot and crawl back to my GP begging for antidepressants.  But I haven’t done any of those things, I am just quietly getting on with things, loving Ethan about a million times more and being so thankful for him.