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Parenting Fail #611 | The Fake Injury


E has been limping around the house, limping around the rugby field and walking on his tip-toes for about 6 weeks now.

As he has some pretty brilliant melodramatic tendencies we just assumed his complaints were to be taken with a grain of salt. That his odd gait was something that had become a bad habit needing to be broken.  The arrival of Nixon pushed the issue a little further from my “immediate action” radar and so we did nothing.

Until last week when he asked me every day when he was going to the foot doctor.  Physio confirmed there was a problem with the growth plates in his heel causing him so much pain that he had been compensating by walking on the edge of his foot and on his toes, resulting in a secondary tendon injury.

Can anyone measure how shit I feel right now?  Poor guy.  He has thrashed his little body this winter, rugby training twice a week, game on Saturday, swimming lessons, barefoot rugby every day at school {I am sure this has done it’s fair share of damage}, plus rugby in the yard every fine afternoon after school.  He is now not just filthy, but filthy and injured and unable to play in the Reps rugby tournament he had been selected for.  He attests that the worst part is he has to wear shoes now.  Oh the inhumanity!

I have fully learned my lesson.  E has always been such a bullet-proof kid but I can’t take that for granted anymore; when you’re built like a WWF wrestler you play hard, fall hard and are hard on your body.  Injuries are going to happen and Dave and I need to be sure we give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to aches and plains.

Have you ever disregarded one of your kids myriad niggles?  Never again I say!





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2 thoughts on “Parenting Fail #611 | The Fake Injury”

  1. Oh poor guy and poor you! It's awful realising that something actually is wrong when you've been dismissing it! Hope all injuries heal quickly 🙂

  2. You are not alone!! My nine year old injured his achilles last year on athletics day. He and I were training for the (kids) Auckland marathon so I made him keep practicing with me for quite a while before finally going to the physio. Oops! Yes I felt bad about it too. No lasting damage though thank goodness.

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