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Perfectly Portioned Treats – 5 Ways

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Rotorua Travel Blog Family Eye health Treats

Navigating the treacherous rapids of the great sugar debate and the myriad voices of nutrition experts filling our social network feeds with raw food, gluten free recipes and chia puddings is exhausting, and confusing and ………….. a little bit boring (gasp!) to be really frank!

In the face of all of this often unsolicited advice, making smart choices around treat foods can be an exercise in #mumguilt – something I wholeheartedly refuse to subscribe to when it comes to food.  Teaching the boys to enjoy all food (and treats!) in moderation and with educated consideration is definitely more my style.

Phew.  Glad I got that off my chest!

So, we all know that flipping the pack and scrutinising the teeny tiny nutritional info panel on food is supermarket de rigueur these days (as it should be), but, I’m loving the latest offering from Allen’s which takes the guess-work right out of the treat-allocation process.  One piece = one portion.  


I love this concept for many different reasons, but mainly because my kids are sticklers for the rules – “The pack says; one piece = one portion guys, so there’s pretty much NO way we could have more than one lolly!”.  Ok, who am I kidding, ETHAN is a stickler for the rules and would totally buy this, Nixon would simply scale me like a coconut palm, steal the pack and run away – but he’s a work in progress lol.

I see the pre-defined portion control in a bag of Allen’s new Sea Stretchies as an excellent tool in my mum arsenal and have teamed up with Allen’s to bring you 5 ways to make the most of these perfectly portioned, stretchy and fun lollies!

  1. Party FavoursNew Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Rotorua Travel Blog Family Eye health Treats

    There’s always room for cutting back on treats when it’s party time.  Curate a fun collection of party goodies such as inexpensive toy car, balloon, cool pen or pencil, stickers or stamps and add one Allen’s Sea Stretchies for a take-home gift little guests will love!

  2. Road Trip Silencers

    The school holidays have been and gone and many of us will have hit the road and got out of town.  The entire family can become quite ‘loud’ and ‘antagonistic’ when in transit (…’s not just mine right??).  How about, on the next road trip, treat yourself to a few minutes of peace and quiet by passing out a Sea Stretchie to each of your passengers.  They’ll have so much fun stretching, twisting and eating them that they’ll forget to ask “Are we there yet?”.

  3. Team Treats

    New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Rotorua Travel Blog Family Eye health TreatsI’ve seen sideline-parents go nuts with after-match treats for their littles over the years, let’s pare it back a little and reward their ‘exertions’ with ONE perfectly portioned, stretchy, fun treat.  A Sea Stretchie for each little All Black is easy, inexpensive and sensible.

  4. Chore Rewards

    New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Rotorua Travel Blog Family Eye health TreatsBeing good is sometimes really hard when you’re little, even harder when you’re in that awkward, hormone surge of Tween-ness.  Ethan is being encouraged to work hard on self-management this year, and I’m quietly recognizing his efforts with surprise treats now and again when his chore chart is looking particularly spectacular!  Little Nixon on the other hand is working hard on toilet training.  I cut up a Sea Stretchie into little pieces and for every successful bathroom excursion he can have one as a small reward.  No, I’m totally NOT above bribing my kids lol.

  5. Mum Treats

    I’ve hidden in the pantry scoffing bikkies, laid down beside the bed to retrieve my hidden chocolate stash and feed my craving before the kids find me, and……I’m pretty sure most of you have too.  The problem with sneaky snacking is that monitoring portion size usually goes out the window as you’re shoving your guilty pleasure into your mouth.  #MumLife is hard, so don’t heap #FoodGuilt on top of it.  Enjoying a Sea Stretchie takes the guesswork out of Mum Treats, 1 piece = 1 portion!

Thanks Allen’s for the lollies!



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