Play | Rolling in – Don’t fear the skatepark

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Skaters get a bad rap and skateparks get a bad rap.  I’m married to a skater, skated away a good part of my twenties in the states and find my self frequently watching Dave and E have a blast at skateparks all over Auckland.  Dave does not even have one tattoo!  It’s crazy how un-intimidating my husband is!

Skateparks are an awesome place for kids to play safely on their scooters, skateboards and bikes and they are easily accessible in most cities.

Skateparks are NOT magnets for losers, stoners, drunks, punks or bad kids.  These people are EVERYWHERE, not just at your local park.  Skaters are super nice normal people who will show anyone respect when respect is shown to them.  If a teenager is being a dick, he will be a dick in whatever environment you put him in. It is not mutually exclusive with being in a skatepark.

Rules for having fun at the skatepark;

  1. Wear you helmet {ignore the pics of my husband, old dudes are way too cool to wear helmets apparently!}
  2. Always pay attention and watch where you are going, watch the lines the other skaters are making.  They are creatures of habit and will usually skate the same line over and over until they get it right.  This should help you choose a safe path.
  3. Don’t sit on the edge {the coping} and dangle your legs over.  People use the coping to grind on and you will be in their way.
  4. Likewise, don’t take a break by sitting on a box, rail or ramp.  If you are tired or having a drink move right out of the park area, where you will not be in the way
  5. Wait your turn.  It may look like chaos, but if you watch the older guys, everyone takes their turn.  They DO watch out for little dudes and let everyone take a turn.
  6. If you are unsure about anything, find the oldest guy at the skatepark, use your manners and ask for help.
  7. Have fun!  Dave says that’s the only reason he skates.  It’s not all about landing tricks, rolling around and going fast is super fun on its own.