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I inched through the first ten weeks of hell in this pregnancy. Morning sickness hit between 2 and 3pm each day and peaked at night, along with a complete disinterest in food, much vomiting and fatigue. I was absolutely wondering what the hell we had decided to do at this point. The first trimester with Ethan – like the entire pregnancy – was a breeze, a couple of hours of mild, textbook morning sickness and then I was sweet for the rest of the day. Compounding everything and dragging out that hideous first trimester was also the fear of another missed-miscarriage.
My head was a mess, I don’t know how I managed to function at work five days a week, at home I didn’t function at all. I came home from picking E up from school and went to bed. For the night. At 3pm.

So hooray for feeling better!
My current afflictions are severe hay fever and daily headaches. Much more tolerable. I am still very tired but find I can soldier on more often. Food is a delight! I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight again and have no food aversions. Croissants, avocado and tomato are my absolute faves, can’t get enough.

One of the lovely things about this pregnancy is Ethan’s genuine joy and excitement about being a big brother. We surprised him with the news on Christmas Eve and the first thing he said was that there was a corner in his room the baby could definitely sleep in there! He talks about the baby all the time and loves quiet time with me before he falls asleep when he can ask me the ten million questions he has about babies! This is definitely the unexpected silver lining to having an 8 year gap.



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  1. Congratulations!! I am also preg, on my second as well – i’m 16/17 weeks 🙂

    Like yours, mine has been completely different too – but better! Hoorah! 🙂 (still daily sickness, but it didn’t keep me in bed all day so I am incredibly thankful!)

    Can’t wait to follow your journey

    1. Hi Sophie! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and noticed you went a bit quiet around the same time I did ; ) Motivation was definitely lacking lol

  2. Ethan sounds like he’s going to be awesome big brother. Congratulations to you all !!! I’d also wondered where you’d gone to but the morning sickness explains all. I hope you’re getting lots of swimming in too in the lovely weather – I wallowed both my pregnancies away 🙂

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