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Product Review | Maggi Extra Delicious Noodles

Our family were sent The Maggi Extra Delicious Chicken Noodles with ‘Invisible Wholegrain’ to sample.  Luckily Chicken is the ONLY flavour we would actually purchase so we felt somewhat qualified to comment!  The problem we have with instant noodles in general is that they just taste SO unhealthy {maybe because they are?}, so despite the fact that we quite like them, we don’t eat them that often.
The new improved noodles scored high with all four of the testers in our house.  The wholegrain makes a great improvement to the overall taste, the flavour was lighter, we found the noodles less salty and greasy.  We could really taste the difference and were stoked with the improvement!

Instant noodles still won’t be a regular grocery item for us , but it’s great to see improvements in a convenience food that is a staple in many households.

Maggi Extra Delicious Chicken Instant Noodles



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