munchkin nappy disposal system

Product Review | Oh stinky nappies……..Hello Munchkin!

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So I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed two fab baby showers and received {and given} many lovely gifts to many beautiful bubbas over the years, however I never considered adding a nappy disposal bin to my wish list or gifting one either.

For me the convenience of a nappy bin in the nursery never outweighed the ‘yuck’ factor of having a bin full of dirty nappies in my baby’s room!

Considering my initial, somewhat negative view of nappy disposal systems, I was surprised by how quickly I got used to using the Munchkin Nappy Disposal Bin and how much I actually missed it when I ran out of bags! I was surprised to learn that instead of an expensive refill cartridge, the Munchkin has an easily refillable baking soda dispenser which shakes into the bag every time you close the lid.  One bag lasted us a week and was odour free the entire time.     I have to admit, although initially sceptical, it was nice being able to completely finish a nappy change in the nursery without having to then dispose of the diaper one handed while wrestling the baby – although it is amazing how quickly my one-handed housewife skills have returned to me over the last 4 months!

Though I’m still not convinced these bins are a nursery ‘must-have’ especially for those on a budget, they certainly earn their place on my nursery ‘Wish list’ or as a gift for a baby who has everything.  I can imagine parents of multiples finding the Munchkin bin very helpful!


The Munchkin Nappy Disposal Bin was provided free of charge for review, all opinions expressed are my own.