Project 365 * Day 11: Self-portrait

A freezing Monday, a bus full of four year olds and a trip to the observatory.  Ethan was so buzzed on all he learnt about the planets and stars, (this was possibly all eclipsed by the Astronaut Ice Cream we purchased at the gift shop, oops).  Bad Mama.



2 thoughts on “Project 365 * Day 11: Self-portrait”

  1. So, the Eagle has landed….damn airline lost Marnge. Miss and I are ALL out of whack with our drinking skills. We need some practice. Nigs keeps talking and I need to practice our re-aquainting wino abilities. Missing Dave Jack, but while he is away, Ethan gives me SO many kisses and constant attention. I miss DJ, but I'm enjoying no competition with Ethan LOVE!!! OMG! He says, "Auntie Ki Ki, will you have a play with me, and before bed, we must have a snuggle." LOVE HIM!!! Will check in later…
    -Auntie Ki Ki Bush

  2. I am SO happy to be with the Jacks, on the farm, in New Zealand. Ethan has forced me to tromp through the chicken coop, where I somehow ended up with chicken poop on my arm. He made me pet his pig, named Herminey, and hold spiders. I went to Kindy with him today and he built me a wooden robot, using a real saw, drill and hammer. I am so impressed.
    Not only does Ethan's school make power tools available to preschoolers, but they also let them use candles to drip wax onto paper as part of an art project regarding surface of the moon. The children freely explore their surroundings, climb across precarious building structures and they even use knives and real ovens to bake. I look forward to attending Kindy again tomorrow. MOREOVER, I am totally overjoyed to know Ethan and I still have that special bond that somehow transcended time and distance. He gives me cuddles each night and morning. Before bed, I read him a story, then we have a "little snuggle", then say prayers…which Ethan is still learning. Tonight, I was saying, "…and God bless Mom…and God bless Dad…and God bless… Mi Mi"….THEN, Ethan took over the prayers…"God blast Grandpa…and God blast Dad…and God blast…"

    So, everyone got "God blasted" by Ethan tonight. Hope ya'll are feeling God blasted tonight. Now it's time for Mama and ME to have our cocktails.

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