Project 365 * Day 5: My Prison!

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This has been my outlook for the past 48hrs, confined to my chair as I knock out a riveting commercial law assignment – almost there now!
Essential items for any of my marathon study sessions have been pointed out for you;
– Heater. The office must be hot, hot, hot. I cannot bear to be cold and seem to freeze when I am studying.
– Blanket. See above, I always need back-up.
– Coke Zero. Yes, I am afflicted by the disease of being non-coffee drinker. Don’t hate, I need caffeine just like the rest of you!
– Legislation. Yawn.
– Snack bowl. Unfortunately I constantly eat when I am studying. Just polished off some leftovers that I made into a chicken taco sandwich. Yum!

So anywho, deadline is 5pm and the case law just won’t wait.