Border Collie and Shi Tzu

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I purchased 15 interior doors today.  15.

Four dogs in one house is busy.  And noisy.  And lovely.  They are all so different and funny.  Lou and Molly are the feistiest and loudest; Lou things he is a big dog and Moll is convinced she is a small dog.  There wasn’t room on the couch for Molly the other night so she just jumped up and sat on Louie.

Border Collie and Shi Tzu

My new tattoo is scabby, itchy and peeling.  I miss wearing shoes and my feet are cold.  It’s 3° in the morning at the moment and I can’t wear my new boots!  {I believe this would be referred to as First World Problems!}

Ethan is doing my head in.  Every day, attitude, whining, fake tears…….Give me strength.

I love this song. Never mind that it is on a heat pump commercial.  We loved it first

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home