Random Thoughts

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  • I may have quit alcohol for 19 DAYS NOW (are you proud of me ’cause I damn sure am), but you can’t make me give up Coke Zero Dave Jack.  When I wake up after horrid dreams about arguing with my mother-in-law via IM, I feel like I am entitled to a ‘little’ crutch to help me through the afternoon.  Ya’ll obsess about your coffee and drink a tonne of it, I like my Coke Zero.
  • I am back at work this week and it’s good.  It’s nice to be contributing to the bank balance again after a fairly ‘tight’ 3 weeks off.  It has really made us realise how much money we were spending on ridiculous things though.  Start as you mean to continue and I feel like we are starting off in the right direction this year, hooray!
  • We will be kicking ass come Monday if we can hold onto the top spot in the photo contest I am entered in, thanks so much to everyone who has been voting we really appreciate it!
  • Auckland’s weather has no in-between, no happy medium.  It either rains continuously for 4 months in winter or is complete drought for summer.  I keep waiting for the tanks to run dry.  It makes for very anxious showering.
  • There is a major blogger hiatus going on it seems, some of my favs seem not to have picked up the mouse again after the holidays – COME ON LADIES
  • Ethan goes back to school in 2 weeks.  It seems to me that the holidays were SOOOO much longer when I was young, perhaps it’s just part of the time speeding by phenomena that happens post-25.  ughhhhhh.
  • There is nothing good on TV at the moment and I don’t have any good books to read either.  I feel this might be some kind of karmic book thing after the two lousy reviews I gave my last reads.  The first novel in the stack I picked from the library was put down again never to be finished because of how utterly shit it was.   Hopefully I will win Sarah’s giveaway of a copy of The Lovely Bones over at Bobby Robin, fingers crossed!

Have a great week!