Saturday in Milan

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I woke up this morning to a lovely email from Dave so thought I would share….

Well my day today was a good as it can get without you and the boy, let me give you a recap. Started off early this morning looking for a place to clean my clothes, thought I had it covered because the girl at the front desk circled a spot on my map so I headed that way. When I got there it was a drop off dry cleaning place.  Being stubborn like I am I was not going to drop off my clothes because I wanted to wash them my self. So before I left I noticed a street fair in the plaza across the way so I figured I should check it out seeing as what else do I have to do!  Being very early not all the vendors where set up so it was a little quiet, but I did find those amazing plates and a stand that sold cookies by weight, that was my favourite spot.  I wished Ethan was there with me so he could help me fill my bag up with all these amazing cookies, don’t worry Ethan I got a lot and ate enough for both of us. So full of cookies and plenty of time  to spare I jumped in the Panda {Dave’s rental car} as I was off to clean these clothes no matter what.

I drove all around the city with no luck so I decided to go to the next town over. When I thought all was lost at a red light I look over and notice this little clothes washing shop that said self service in the window!!!!! I got so excited I almost ran the red light. I quickly parked the car and walked in, there was a big Italian woman behind the counter and only one washer and one dryer in the shop, they were empty and I ran over trying to read the Italian the best I could to figure out how to work the machine. The big lady walked over and started talking to me trying to tell me how to operate the machine but as I don’t understand Italian and I quickly found out she could not speak English we started to play charades.  It was fun and funny and the big lady kept making fun of me but we got there in the end and my clothes are washed. So after that I went back to the hotel and put all my clothes away and decided that today I was just going to hang around the little city I am in and go back to that street fair and look around more.

I found out this place has bikes you can borrow for free so I got all set up and ran down stairs to grab a bike. Well of course with my luck all of the bike tires are completely flat except for one, it was just half way flat. So I figure with my my skills I should just take the one with the half way flat tires and just fill it up at the gas station no big deal right???? No, it’s a big deal because in Italy they use two different size fittings for bikes and cars so no luck there. With sweat pouring down my face and less air in the tires than I started with I sit on the curb of the gas station try to think my way out of this. Then I remember, when I was at the street fair the very first stall was selling bikes, if I could only get that far I bet they would have a pump that would work. So with determination I slowly start way way towards the centre city and about 6km later I make it it was a rough ride and my bottom is still a little sore but I am there and just like I thought they have a pump. So with a smile on my face I bike around the whole city taking pictures and just taking it all in. I ended up back at the street fair where I had a late lunch and a cold beer. Plus I got a little gift for Ethan and my baby! I love you guys tons and wish you where here with me team Jack rules!!!!!!!


Bicycle in Milan