Saving Power this Winter

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We have been talking quite a lot to Ethan about the need to save power at ALL times, not just in times of energy shortages.  He has taken to the idea so well for someone so young and has become really responsible.  He now turns off the lights after leaving a room, turns off his heater as soon as he wakes up, and his electric blanket, he even went as far as to re-close his curtains after I had opened them this morning, informing me that our house will stay warmer with the curtains closed!

Turning little people into the next generation of greenies is so easy as kids love to have special tasks to do, they love to be helpful and they love to know why something is important and how they can make a change.  So talk to your little people about how they can help to save power – and keep Mum and Dad’s electric bill down :  )