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Say hello! Qwerky Home + Giveaway

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Yay another Monday and another awesome Mum to introduce you all to!  Mummy Blog New Zealand

I’ve only connected with Leigh-ann from Qwerky Home over the past 48 hours and to be honest it’s been a flurry of emails back and forth as we threw this feature together but…….gosh, if this woman isn’t as lovely, positive, excited and as fun in real life as she comes across via email I would be so surprised!  And let’s be honest, how difficult must it be to sound lovely, positive, excited and as fun when you have three kids and you’re probably typing one email in multiple shifts while standing up with a cereal bowl in one hand, dirty laundry under an arm and someone tugging at your leg?

In her own words;

I’m Leigh-ann, and I’m married to my wonderful husband and we have three children aged 4, 5 and 6. Life is pretty hectic! My husband is in the military which has meant a fair bit of moving and lots of time apart. It was really important to us that I stayed home with our children while they were preschoolers, and the older they got, the more I realised that I wanted to be able to work around their school hours to be available to help out at school, go to sports days and assemblies and to be home if they need me. With my husband’s job, I needed a career that fit around school hours and school holidays as I can’t rely on my husband to be around all the time. Having a business at home works perfectly with all of that, although sometimes it would be nice to go out to work and leave it all there at home time! I was a counsellor before we had children, so this is a big shift for me and I’m learning all the time. I love it though!

1.  Which came first the business or the babes?

Bebes! I had three children under three and a military husband. We got posted up to Ohakea and built a house and then I realised that I was bored – three children and two house builds in four years left me restless when I didn’t have a project on the go! I started to think about doing more training either in my previous profession as a counsellor, or in interior design when my first business (dorothy nada) popped up. Less than a year later, the opportunity to purchase Qwerky Home appeared and I grabbed it. Who needs sleep anyway? 😉

2.  Doing double-duty being your own boss and a Mum is hard! How do you manage your time so you’re not constantly working?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *catches breath*, ha ha ha ha ha.

Ummm….yeah. I’m constantly working.

3.  Your site is full of bright, fun colours which I love, what’s your view on the scandi-monochrome trend we’re seeing in interiors?

I LOVE the whole scandi-monochrome thing. I think that if I wasn’t obsessed with colour I’d be totally into it. I have HUGE admiration for people who have children who can carry it off in their homes – my house is colourful, vibrant and LOUD! Sometimes I dream of a calm, subtle room to hide out in, but then I think that I’d end up throwing colour at it anyway. I love to look at the current trend, but I just can’t imagine living in it.

4.  What is your favourite item in store right now?

Glass Greenhouse Interior Mum Blog New ZealandI love the glass greenhouse. It’s a slightly off-beat take on the terraniums that are around at the moment. Just gorgeous!


5.  Does life even exist offline anymore?  What’s your take on incorporating social media into your business plan?

Social media pretty much IS my business plan! With 2 businesses and a blog, I feel like I’m always on facebook or instagram. It’s such a great way of getting immediate access to your customers (or potential customers) and building a real relationship with them. It’s a bit like an online version of your friendly local shopkeeper. I love that aspect of it! The only downside is that sometimes people expect you to be available 24/7, and with a young family (now aged 4, 5, and 6), that’s just not possible.

Because Leigh-ann is just so awesome this weeks Say hello! winner will be able to choose between two amaze prizes!

To enter, head over to the Qwerky Home website find the Moana Rd School Bag Handbags or the Wooden arrows sets and tell me on our Facebook post which product and which colour you will choose if you’re the super-lucky winner!  Competition closes next Sunday 17th May 10pm.  NZ residents only.

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