Shop: Your dream sunglasses and where to find them

Shop: Your dream sunglasses and where to find them

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I’ve noticed over the years that people generally fall into two very distinct camps when it comes to sunglass purchasing.

The first crew use and abuse their glasses, preferring quantity over quality as they just can’t seem to hold on to a pair (or keep them in one piece!) for longer than 2 weeks.

The second camp, totally me, considers sunglasses an essential, non-negotiable part of leaving the house.  My Sunnies are
on every day, throughout every season, and absolutely every single time I get behind the wheel during the day.

As such, I’m happy to invest in a hero-pair each summer as I know they’ll go the distance – and I can trust myself to NOT lose them and NOT break them.

Hopefully lol.

This season, www.smartbuyglasses.co.nz reached out to me and invited me to try their service.  Initially overwhelmed by the unparalleled range (7234 pairs of women’s sunglasses!!!) I began using the seriously good search filter to narrow the results down to the shape, frame type and brands that I love.  It was like a Tinder for sunglasses that actually works lol.

With 319 contenders to choose from, not an easy task when the brands are Prada, Burberry, Kenzo, Tom Ford to name a few, I finally found my perfect sunglass match;

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The Michael Kors Polynesia in Black/Tortoise.  Amazing right?

This colourway has sold out but you can shop the same model in other colours here.

My order arrived within 5 days guys!  Perfect timing for all the travelling we are doing at the moment.  Offering free shipping and 100 day returns plus prescription and contact lens sales, I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else for glasses.

Totally happy to recommend www.smartbuyglasses.co.nz 10/10 service and quality.