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SHOP SMART | BYOD Part 2 + Giveaway

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is hitting our house in 2016 as Ethan heads off to Intermediate. Paying for this is probably a worry that I share with many kiwi families but don’t sweat it as I’m about to share with you my little Gem Visa secret with 6 months interest free on all Gem Visa purchases over $250 anywhere, anytime*. If I buy Ethan’s new Chromebook ($500) with Gem Visa, it will only set me back $83.34 per month (plus fees) if I pay off the balance during the interest free period*! That’s totally do-able! Catch up on Part 1 of the series here.

After I wrote the first post, Ethan, Dave and I had a series of discussions about what ‘we’ were collectively looking for in a device to take to Intermediate next year.  
• My main concern is that the device we purchase has the technical capability to last for the next 2 years
• Ethan’s main concern is that he doesn’t want to be in class, waiting for his device to boot up and get online before he can begin work
• Dave is worried about ensuring that the device we choose is portable and small enough for Ethan to fully utilise it’s capabilities in class everyday as well as not complain about lugging it to school each morning!

So.  In need of advice we headed in to Warehouse Stationery to have a look at the range of laptops, notebooks, tablets and chromebooks on offer with the hope that we would somehow leave with the right one for Ethan.

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Our pre-decided budget of $500 naturally eliminated many options right away, so when we were met by Mike in-store, we gave him that information as well as the three requirements above.  Going into the store with ‘somewhat’ of a plan took so much of the stress out of shopping!  It was amazing, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted but we were able to easily identify what we didn’t want which saved us a lot of time in-store.  We also knew we would be paying with our Gem Visa.  We’ve had it for over 4 years now and it’s our go-to credit card for maximising interest savings (6 months interest free on all Gem Visa purchases over $250*).

As it turned out we didn’t have to muck around too much at all.  Warehouse Stationery are offering an exclusive all-in-the-box solution which made our BYOD shopping so much easier than we had imagined! For $499 we purchased Ethan a Value Bundle which included an HP Chromebook, case, headphones, mouse and warranty protecting against loss and breakage!

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I’m so stoked.  We are organised early, totally avoiding last minute panic buying before the school year begins in 2016, we avoided crowded, stressful stores and were able to have a great chat with the tech experts at Warehouse Stationery who found us the right device at the right price.  The best part?  I’m not short $500 cash right before Christmas and now if I buy the products with Gem Visa and pay $83.34 per month (plus fees) for 6 months, I will have paid off the balance during the interest free period and can relax knowing that I’m not going to incur any interest charges*.

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Get your own kids Tech Ready and utilise Gem Visa’s awesome 6 months interest free offer on purchases over $250* by applying for your card now at To help you out even more, I am giving one of you the chance to win $250 to spend at Warehouse Stationery**.  Enter by commenting below before the 16th of December. Your entry is confirmation that you have read and agreed to the competition terms as stated here.

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*Credit and Lending criteria, $55 establishment fee and $52 annual account fee apply. Prevailing interest rate (currently 25.45% p.a.) applies to any balance outstanding after 6 month interest free period.  Longer term interest free offers are also available at participating retailers throughout New Zealand, such offers may vary. Gem Visa is provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited

**The organiser and promoter of this competition is Latitude Financial Services Limited is not an organiser or promoter of, nor is it otherwise involved with, this competition.

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  1. $250 to spend at Warehouse Stationery would be amazing for the new school year. I love the fact that when I go to warehouse stationary they are always so attentive and very helpful

  2. WOW impressed with your plan, and Warehouse Stationery are great.
    $250 would be fab to get Master 14 back to school, we could help Mast 17 get ready for Varsity too

  3. Wow!! what an amazing prize.
    Would love the chance to win please I have 2 little men to shop BYOD for…this would help ease the stress alot!

  4. Sounds like you got it sorted nice and simply by having a semi plan when you left home, well done! My son is 8 and uses the schools iPads at school for some projects so am pretty sure I’ll be in your shoes in a couple of years! Another great blog 🙂

  5. Thank you for the super tips and advice. Always good to shop with a plan. Hope Ethan enjoys his intermediate years. I think BYOD is fantastic, Charlotte loves her chrome book.

  6. Thanks for another great and informative post! Have just been through this fun experience as well, and after a few teething issues, think we are ready for BYOD next year!

  7. This is such a great comp and is really on point for us at the moment too as we have our eldest in year 9 next year. It would be awesome to have a kick starter to get us looking at things.

  8. I have 3 boys who are just starting to nag me and there dad 4 these things even primary schools are going didgital 🙁

  9. That sounds like a good deal and I didn’t know much about Gem. Visa before. That’s a decent interest free time!. I’ve always gone to Warehouse stationary. The service mainly and prices. reasonable too.hasn’t intermediate come a long way

  10. Thanks for this post! We have signed the kiddos up for Reading Eggs and I think the next step is a device of their own to play it on – this is a super helpful post for us ?

  11. daughter needs a new device as hers is a dinosaur and cannot do all that they need for learning so the vouchers would be very helpful

  12. Excellent advice and super prize!! We have a Gem visa, but are a way off BYOD schooling (our oldest is 3 in March, lol). I approach big purchases the same way as you & it’s definitely less stress 🙂

  13. Oh this would come on very handy, After Christmas the coffers are so empty and buying school supplies is hard

  14. Hi your post was very useful and I’ll especially take away that a pre determined budget is important. Thank u.

  15. Wow $250 Gem Visa to spend at Warehouse stationary is a amazing prize!!! My oldest is desperate for a lap top but it’s just not in the budget but with those rates it could be a possibility!!!!

  16. I never plan so well before I shop, and I suffer for it! Time to start organising better I think! Sounds like the most fuss free shop ever!

  17. I would love to win this as we have to replace my daughters tablet as it was stolen from school earlier this year. 🙁 our excess was more than the tablet so couldn’t claim. I highly recommend looking into a separate insurance policy that some stores offer which covers damage and theft.

  18. We would love a warehouse stationary voucher! Our eldest is only 5 but they are ready to use technology!

  19. Vouchers would be a huge help next year. School is getting more and more expensive with each passing year. HP Chromebooks are great wee machines, hopefully he looks after it and you get many years of use out of it

  20. Wow, yes please! We’re still a year away from intermediate and it’s already freaking me out. Good luck to you and your family

  21. Wow this is amazing to read as we’ve just this week been having this conversation with my son who is off to high school next year! $250 to spend at warehouse stationary would be fantastic?

  22. Oh my goodness $250 at warehouse stationary would be a wonderful help at the start of the year with 2 kids at primary and one at college

  23. I have a granddaughter at this stage so would love to win the voucher for her to help as there a 4 children in her family Great ideas and advice Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  24. Wow that’s a really good deal you got. And being able to win this and have next years school stuff sorted would be a huge relief for me, thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  25. My son is starting intermediate next year and byod is optional..but I feel with everything being digital now it’s vital to learn with the right tools in the ever changing world.
    This would be so helpful towards the costs.. The first term at a new school is crazy expensive with new uniforms, stationery, fees and they hold a camp too

  26. I read this morning that hand writing is becoming obsolete and BYOD is not going to help that. I do get the importance of knowing how to use these things but hope there is a balance!

  27. A $250 warehouse stationery voucher would be awesome! Every year when exercise books are a couple of cents each, we buy 100 (totals only a few dollars) and give them to a local school that really struggles…I still prefer writing everything down but think it’s awesome that how our kids learn is changing as technology improves!

  28. We are a homeschooling family… So BYOD doesn’t effect us much… And the $250 voucher would go a long way for us! 😉

  29. $250 Stationary Warehouse voucher would be awesome I want to get a really good computer chair for my son who passed his first year of his degree, which is so amazing as he has a learning disability. So he totally deserves a descent chair to study from and the Stationary Warehouse has the best range.

  30. This voucher would be wonderful to win. I have 6 children and 5 are at school so it’s a very expensive time of year when they go back to school.

  31. You totally just pinpointed why I find shopping a frustrating process at times – lack of clearly defined perimeters for what I need (just a vague “hmmmm that not quite right” until finally a “yes!”). Thanks for the tips and the chance to win – great prize 🙂

  32. We would love to win this prize. We would use it buy a lot of things, calendar for 2016, arts and crafts for Miss 8, stationery items for Mister 11, Journals for myself and stationery items for Dad.
    Thank you for the chance to enter.

  33. We already have one doing BYOD, and another about yo start. $250 at Warehouse Stationery would make it so much easier!

  34. My daughter has an ipad on her Christmas wish list. This would be so helpful to be able to get her one

  35. we have 5 girls.. our oldest is nearly 8 the need for her own device to do ‘study link’ is becoming more & more essential (not mummy’s poo old PC) which is scary as her triplet sister start school next year EK! a $250 voucher would be amazing 🙂

  36. $250 would go so so far to getting our not so little anymore girl off to intermediate next year with all the right gear. Adding up the cost of her stationary list the other day on top of uniform and i damn near had an aneurism. When did it all get so darn spendy. Haha

  37. Great information. We are not quite at the required stage, but at a suggested one and forever mounting pressure and desire from little miss 9. So this is very topical in our household. Thank you! $250 towards a crime book would be a great help!!

  38. My oldest is starting high school and an ipad in the preferred device. It’s going to be crazy expensive.

  39. I am currently dealing with the stress of navigating the best BYOD for my son and I am beyond confused and over it already, so glad I stumbled on your blog as I LOVE your plan!!!

  40. I have 2 kids in high school and one in intermediate, affording everything is a killer!! I need to use some of your tips!

  41. BYOD was one of the reasons we changed primary school. The school was going to bring it right down to Year 1 and take no responsibility for it at that level. I couldn’t trust a 5 year old with an iPad! Plus you weren’t allowed android so it would have to be $500+ per child. No fundraising, all stumped up by parents. My eldest having a tablet for intermediate would be fine.

  42. Fantastic solution. We just got the note home re chromebooks. Our oldest will be year 5 next yearso we are debating whether ornot to buy or wait until year 6 🙂

  43. I am in desperate need of a tablet for my studies and $250 to spend at Warehouse Stationary would be an immense help. Thank you!

  44. yes please could use this so much for my studies I am looking at starting in 2016 as could use for colouring in supplies or all sorts of things love this shop. dont treat myself as i always buy for my children first.

  45. Thank you for posting this! I think we will go and get the same deal you got for your son! That pack is awesome

  46. Chromebooks are so nice and easy to use! We have them in our school and the kids find them v. user friendly. That looks like an amazing deal btw!

  47. This is an amazing prize! I am actually really keen on the bundle you got as well! I’m not someone with kids but I’m finding my current laptop way too unwieldy and have been looking at a small laptop. My students have Chromebooks and I think they are a great way for students to engage with technology!

  48. Cant say Im a fan of BYOD, being a solo Mumma, it’s a big added stressor.. And I’m no fan of WiFi in schools due to the damage it causes – however, it’s the way of the future, and definitely helps kids keep up with the times. I’d need a loan, except I’d be turned down. So my kids would be in trouble aye! Winning this voucher sure would make our Xmas though! And I’ll deal with BYOD in a couple of years when my fourth gets to intermediate! Hopefully life is easier by then aye! Lol

  49. With 4 kids who are all into technology, colouring, arts and crafts $250 to spend at Warehouse Stationery would be such a blessing.

  50. My son will be in Year 8 next year and is required to have his own device for school. This prize would certainly help towards buying his iPad (as specified by the school).

  51. this prize would mean the world to me i could buy school supplies for my girl for a few years with this card thanks very much for the chance id love to buy her a ipad for school as now day tech is not just a calculator like my day

  52. A $250 voucher would really help with school supplies now both my girls at school now! With one approaching the ‘tech age’, all your advice is greatly appreciated!

  53. Yes please my son has dyspraxia and struggles with many common tasks the school suggested a byod for him at school but we will have to wait for this s warehouse stationery voucher would be a great help towards this ?

  54. Would love to win this – me and my girl love stationery and this would come in handy to buy so neat boredom busters for those wet days of the school holidays

  55. Wow that is really impressive. $499 for a chrome book, case, mouse and the warranty is awesome. Think I’ll be taking that offer up. Thanks for the great review!!!

  56. Thanks for the advice . As a single parent things get a little stretched at this time of year so any advice is very handy indeed

  57. Thanks for the informative blog, my son has only just started school but this is information I needed to know.

  58. Wow that does sound like and easy stress free way to get byod mayhem out of the way. We are relocating cities on top of schools for the new year and alot of schools even in the senior syndicate of the primary schools seem to have byod options which has my going into year 6 girl fretting. $250 voucher would help ease her burdens no doubt

  59. This would be so helpful to have ($250 voucher) as we are in the same boat for our boy too next year?

  60. Sounds like a great plan!! They really can work in your favour if you work it all out! Warehouse Stationary is great too! I love their range of products….we can get everything from there!

  61. Wow BYOD is a fantastic idea for schools…thanks for the tips & good luck starting intermediate school Ethan!

  62. Gem Visa is awesome for that! We use it often for those sorts of things – unexpected car bills, Xmas shopping etc. TO get 6 months interest free is a godsend! We are feeling the pressure from the kids school to start sending them with devices – with 2 it is going to be a real struggle but we don’t want them to miss out! The $250 WHS voucher would take a real load off!

  63. Awesome plan! I totally need to remember this next time im out shopping for devices!

    Would love to win the Warehouse stationary voucher too, would be very handy this side of christmas 🙂

  64. What a great plan of paying it off, as long as its paid in full at 6 months you are sorted 🙂 a voucher would certainly help in this house, thanks for the opportunity.

  65. Wow now that’s a good deal and easy… I like hp it’s easy to use, plus you can do things that Apple won’t let you. Kids schooling costs so much now. It will be this way in most primary schools soon eek and I have 2 there and 5 years till another is.

  66. I love this step-by-step, you brought up a few of the concerns/thoughts we had had already and adressed one we hadn’t even got to yet or considered. Thanks for doing the hard work for us, we will be popping in soon!

  67. I’ve used Gem Visa before and I love the interest free periods. $250 at Warehouse Stationery would go a long way to getting stationery for school with three teens next year 🙂 Thanks

  68. Wow a $250 Warehouse Stationery would be welcomed with my three lads at school, so much is required for getting them started each year from tech to stationery. Merry Christmas.

  69. What a great article for planning for next year already and that bundle is awesome I will defo be checking that out. Have a uni student to sort too …

  70. Seriously, just think of all the things you could buy with this!
    Stationary but also a new desk for the boys to do their homework and storage solutions for all their accumulated stuff!

  71. Oh yes, this would be amazing!m to win, please!
    I’ve always found warehouse stationery staff to be pretty helpful.

  72. I love Chrome books! My son had his for this year; it was great.
    A $250 Warehouse Stationary voucher would be great for the new school year!

  73. Jaymie starts a whole new school next year – a new chapter, intermediate!!!! How do I have an 11 yr old all of a sudden. This would extremely helpful to go towards not only the stationery he needs for school, but some extra items for at home to produce amazing homework, and help motivate him to want to. its a struggle sometimes. This year I’m going to be more commited to being involved, which is hard when working fulltime which sometimes seems like for nothing. Bring on the new year – new challenges and completing those goal

  74. What an awesome prize! I think technology has a huge part to play in schooling today so it would be great for my kids to be prepared

  75. Going in with a plan and requirements sure does make things that little bit easier!
    $250 of warehouse stationary credit would certainly help with school books in the new year!

  76. Wow that’s a great deal!
    Love how Mike at Warehouse Stationary wasn’t pushy & steering you towards more expensive items as they so often do. Will definitely have a plan of what I want & max budget when I go in to purchase (hopefully soon) a entry level tablet for my son…great advice much appreciated

  77. We are currently looking for a device for miss 13 and our requirements are similar! This has been a very helpful read! Thanks ?

  78. Would love to win for my grandaughter it would certainly help her mothers budget but it would be oh what to by as there is lots to choose from.

  79. I hope that kids get to carry their device instead of books etc, not as well as. I worry for their backs with all the gear they have to lug around.

  80. What a great prize! Times sure are changing huh… Sadly Gem would decline my request, being a solo Mumma student, so I’d have to .. Hmm not sure! Face that when I get to it!

  81. What an awesome prize $250 Warehouse Stationery gift card would be amazing as my own device is dying a slow painful death itself

  82. A great read and really glad you guys are happy with the purchase. Hoping when its my turn it would go just as swiftly…

  83. Stationery just adds up doesn’t it! I love the fact that Warehouse Stationery have really upped their game and the prices are really competitive not to mention the AMAZING selection of everything 🙂 Thanks for this “thinking” post.

  84. Great article. Its given me something to think about with my two children. I enjoyed reading this. Goodluck everyone.

  85. Starting to think about it now, before the school year starts is the best plan of attack to keep the budget relatively even. A $250 Warehouse Stationary voucher will be a fantastic deposit down on a device for someone, fingers crossed!

  86. What a super prize! Sorting the kids out for school is such an expense nowadays so this would be a great help!

  87. Loved reading this- guess this is what many of us parents have to look forward to! Eek! Would love to win the warehouse stationary voucher- would come in handy for school next year!

  88. Getting warranties protecting against loss and breakage are definitely worth it! Love shopping at warehouse Stationary! 🙂

  89. $250.00 and we are half way there to a new gadget for school technology for 2nd year at intermediate. Count me in. Just what a single parent as myself would like. Loving Warehouse stationary.

  90. I totally feel you here with BYOD stupid schools I have 2 that need an I told school I can no where near afford so $250 would be a massive help I could start saving now till Feb an get one an they can share would be great we were given a list of ones to get range from 300 to 2000 bliming heck so the 300 is more my corner as a single mum with 3kids no help from dads side I work hard to support my 3kids but by golly school is not helping

  91. Yes please! What a neat prize warehouse stationary! Would love to win $250 towards my sons school stationary! Help out big time financially! 🙂

  92. Fantastic read did not know how affordable this was with two getting into this BYOD I have had heart palpations ! but this is doable ! and the voucher would come in handy with two off to university and two returning to college your generosity is outstanding Merry Christmas

  93. It’s scary to.think how much things have changed since I was at school, and I’m only 29! Lol. This would be a huge help

  94. Help help help that’s what this voucher would be for my family…warehouse stationary has so much to offer.? FINGER TOES AND EVERYTHING ELSE CROSSED?

  95. Love reading your blog at thebestnest. $250 would help us out a lot our laptop has decided to die and we can’t afford ro replace it (first world problem I know).

  96. Wow – great to have it all sorted with the help of The Warehouse Stationary and Gem Visa! Sounds like a great deal with the 6 months interest free! My Grandson starts Intermediate next year also and they are looking into seeing if they can get one for him or having to hope that the school will have one available for him to use. And wow how awesome to run this giveaway – this will be helpful to the lucky winner:)

  97. That’s a huge prize and $250 would cover everything my children could possibly need for an entire year for schooling & home craft activities. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize!

  98. Amazing blog! I would love the $250 so I could set up a desk area for my daughter so we could have a nice area for learning, drawing and activities! thanks so much 🙂

  99. Amazing blog, amazing prize, this would be Fantastic as I need a device for my son for school, I’m a solo mum money is tight I like how you’ve covered all bases and got into the nitty gritty of it all and number crunching … 🙂

  100. i love gem visa they are our best back up and the 250 would be a great start for the new year and the help

  101. great plan – getting organised well in advance! $250 at warehouse stationery would be a big help getting my 2 daughters ready for school next year 🙂

  102. Id love to win this please, this would be great for when my children go back to school for stationary and id be able to buy me a little desk to work at as well. Merry Christmas

  103. $250 would be fab so many of the kids are into colouring I could get goodies for the stocking like the lastest colouring books and pens felts ect

  104. My daughter is in Yr5 next year and we purchased a chromebook for her birthday in Sep just been. I purchased with our GE finance card which gave me 90 days interest free. I didn’t want to drag paying it off, wanted it done and dusted. My son will need his own device at start of 2017, his birthday falls in March, I prob will get him a chromebook in Mar 2016 for birthday (great cause it gives them a “big” pressie, but we kinda have to get anyway). Our school gives the option of payment plans too which is really great. School also allows regular payments throughout the year to pay off fees, trips etc. A little bit of planning is all you need. In saying that we also have braces for our daughter next year too, ekkkkk. But again we will take advantage of the payment plans on offer 🙂

  105. My son will be 9 next year and already has to have a device. We both love shopping at the warehouse stationary. $250 would help heaps with the cost of a device

  106. My son is year 9 and we were encouraged to get him a BYOD so reading this post was helpful. I would use that voucher to go towards purchasing one for him. Thanks for the opportunity to be in this competition ?

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