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Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

Accepting that my body is dynamic and constantly evolving as I age and move through some of life’s most amazing milestones (pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and weaning) has actually been one of the hardest ‘adult’ lessons to learn.  Body positive vibes don’t come naturally to me, and I’m just not a boob girl – you’ll never see me in a plunging vee neck!).  Thus, pretty underwear has never been something I’ve paid much attention to or spent much money on.  Function has always won over the pursuit of cleavage.

Shopping for bras has always involved hit and miss guesswork for me, but after receiving an invitation to #getfitted at Bras N Things I decided it was time to pull my big girl panties up and head in-store to experience this new service.

I met shop assistant Lily at the Albany store on Monday morning and she had me measured up and correctly sized within 5 minutes.  It was super quick, not awkward at all and no nakedness – winning!

Despite my initial request of a boring t-shirt bra I ended up picking out a bralette with an underwire and matching knickers.  I totally didn’t even know these on-trend bras were available for those of us not in the perky 10B size range lol.  

Lily and the Bras N Things #getfitted experience were both totally lovely.  I was actually wearing the right size bra, but visiting a store dedicated entirely to women’s underwear was super fun and, for the first time ever, made me take a little time and think about what lingerie I’m wearing and how it makes me feel.

Seriously ladies, take a little time out to get fitted correctly and experience how much more comfortable it is when you’re wearing a bra that fits perfectly.

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger