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During a bit of a WTF moment last month I signed up for Cats Sew Sweet Blog Swap.  To participate I needed to sew a small zippered purse and share some candy etc with my swap partner.

Two things to note;

  1. I have never sewn a zip before in my life
  2. I busted out the sewing machine for the first time in approx 15 years in December, so my skills most definitely cannot pay the bills!

I pre-emptively felt sorry for my partner.

But, I found a tutorial online, picked out some fabric and got busy.

Zipped purse

I SO enjoyed making this.  As per my last project, the Advent Calendar Bunting, I really disliked the cutting out part and really enjoyed the actual sewing part.  Does everyone feel like this or just me?

I lined this little purse, used interfacing {which didn’t iron on as it was supposed to, only about 50% of it actually stuck} and somewhat successfully inserted the zip.  I feel like the zip was quite flimsy?  I have a feeling I should have done some extra stitching at the ends to hold it firmly in place.  Leonie if you read this I would love you to critique it for me so I can improve!

Being part of this swap was awesome as I learnt something new and having a little project to work on is what’s turning my gears at the moment.  Looking forward to the next one! {that is within my rather limited realm of ability lol}.

Zipped purse





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8 thoughts on “Show & Tell | Zip Purse”

  1. Well you've definitely got "stylish" ticked! It looks AWESOME! And from the photos it looks like you've done a great job with the zipper! I have a mortal fear of them, so you've clocked me in the sewing department already! Maybe you're a natural behind the machine?! x

  2. I'm with Sophie – I reckon you're a natural! It's a pretty good looking and stylish pouch from what I can see! If you were asking me… I am no expert at zips but perhaps if you top stitch the fabric down (at the sides of the zipper), it might add a feel of "sturdyness". And I go over the seams at the ends of the zips (you know before you turn it out) a number of times just so I'm sure it's not going anywhere (because that feels better to my brain 🙂 ) Awesome job – I'm sure your partner will love it x

  3. _amazing_ for someone who hadn't sewn a zip before! Zips freak me out .. .. ..
    I'm sure Leonie will love this

  4. Visiting you from Show and Tell. This is supercool and it looks really well sewn considering you have not used the machine in the last 15 years!!!

  5. Well done you! It has your signature style to it which of course makes it totally gorgeous. In terms of the zip feeling 'flimsy' I wonder if it's just that the sides (the fabric bits) of the zip are quite wide – which isn't a problem or bad but the narrow seam on the edges gives you more thin zip fabric when contrasted with the lined and inrterfaced purse.
    Does that make any sense?
    You've done a fantastic job. x

    1. Ahhh! I think that's it! If I had sewn closer to the zip teeth it would def feel more sturdy. Thanks Miriam!

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