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Slow Down Sunday

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Dave has taken the boys out this morning so I returned home from boot camp to a very rare, empty house.

And I don’t know what to do with myself!

This hasn’t been the best week, but not the worst either.  I’ve been a bit shouty {at Ethan}, I’ve been a bit tearful {in front of the whole rugby team, the SHAME}, I’ve been quite forgetful {where did I put that envelope full of other peoples money again?} and I let my confidence take a hit for no good reason.

The good news is that Nixon is well!  He’s finished antibiotics so that’s one less thing we have to battle with him over every day.  We are on daily wash-outs for the next 5 weeks but we are settling into the rhythm of that and Dave and I are managing to do them on our own – in the hospital it took four of us because he was so distressed.  So things are looking good, PLUS it’s been seven days since anyone threw up in our house!!!


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really mindful of where my time is going, as it seems I’m losing whole hours throughout the day.  I want those hours back.  Multi-tasking has killed my focus over the years (I’ve written about this before > Mummy Multi-tasking and the Demise of Productivity) and regrouping and getting my shit together is proving more difficult than I thought!  Decreased productivity goes hand in hand with decreased motivation, and basically I’ve been attending to perceived ‘obligations’ here on the blog, prioritising those instead of my own, personal writing.  Which is why we’re all here in the first place right?

Please bear with me as I try and get the balance right, both in my head, in my home and here on the blog.  

We I made a big decision this week, which should help clear the cobwebs a little.  Nixon is now enrolled in the most beautiful, local kindergarten for two half day sessions a week.  He needs it.  That is what I based my decision upon.  I have a feeling Dave is not entirely happy about it, he said that Nix should be at home, he’s too little.  The truth of the matter is, Nixon instantly felt ‘at home’ when we visited the kindy.  He is a very social guy and I can’t give him the interaction he needs at home.  I could have walked out after 5 minutes and left him in the capable hands of the staff there, he was that happy.  He will begin in a couple of weeks after he turns 2, so we have time to prepare the household for the reintroduction of kindy-germs and illnesses – it’s been a long time!

So there we are, all caught up.  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and let’s kick ass next week shall we? xx