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Smart Money – Make Insurance a Non-negotiable Expense

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I’ve written before about certain milestones that signify the one-way, no-turning-back transition into adulthood; purchasing a brand new bed (this is HUGE!), making a will, solving problems with wine, admitting that Friday nights in with Netflix trumps all etc, etc.

Possibly preceding all other mature financial decisions is the realisation that we need to protect the things we love and those we’ve worked hard to acquire.

We need to insure our stuff.  Fact.

My initial experience with insurance was when I took proud possession of my first car – a 1977 Ford Escort Station wagon purchased for me by my parents.  They insured the car for me with their provider and I kid you not, 20 years later our vehicles are insured with the same provider!

Convenient?  Yes.  Smart?  Maybe not.

I had a firm perception that shopping for insurance was a boring, expensive, confusing and arduous exercise – possibly why I hadn’t bothered to shop around for my vehicle policies in over 20 years lol?!  Forget the ‘need’ for a broker and forget about ‘Insurance Apathy’, it’s easier (and more important) than you think to get your insurance ducks in a row and do it at a great price.

Shop for Insurance online with Warehouse Money

When my fave kiwi retailer takes insurance and makes it easy, accessible and ONLINE, it’s time to take a look.  We have always made insurance a priority despite the cumulative expense that health, vehicle, home and contents and travel insurance poses to a young family.  There are few people I know (if any?) who could afford to replace their vehicle outright if the worst happened and it was written off or stolen.  I know we definitely couldn’t.  When you really think about the effect this circumstance would have on you or your family’s finances, insurance doesn’t seem like such an unreasonable expense right?

I jumped online to Warehouse Money last night and had a quote for both of our vehicles in 5 minutes.

The best/surprising/amazing part?  I WILL save over $500 per year by switching to Warehouse Money – because I’m going to, that amount of money is too much to let it keep disappearing via direct debit each month!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Insurance

Travel = Travel Insurance.  But why?

Last week the whole family travelled to Sydney for a work-related event and I took out insurance for the 4 day trip.  Travelling with two kids, even just to Aussie, can be a stressful exercise in patience (or lack thereof), but factor in lost luggage, an unexpected accident or illness or flight delays and a wee holiday can become a nightmare and a massive expense.  Insurance is about peace of mind and that can sometimes be hard to come by when everything seems to be turning to custard in a foreign country.  Warehouse Money offers 3 different travel policies, each providing unlimited medical cover while you are overseas (this is AMAZING btw!), but the best part for us is that kids under 21 are covered for free when travelling with you!

When do you even use Insurance?

Because I just tend to let policies rollover I’ve occasionally *forgotten* to even use our insurance.  This is a pretty common occurrence, the Warehouse Money Matters Survey revealed that a whopping 30% of respondents aged 30-39 are not certain when they can/can’t make a claim, and 24% said they wouldn’t know what to do when making a claim! Whaaaat?! Also, I’m totally guilty of falling into this category myself.

Nixon is a grabby little tornado of a toddler who found my Canon DSLR one day and soon afterward I found it on the floor and needing a new shutter.

I was frantically online shopping for a replacement when a friend asked why I wasn’t making a claim on our contents policy.  Why indeed?  Becoming familiar with the policies YOU own is an absolutely essential way to make sure you get the most out of your financial assets.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Insurance

What Warehouse Money have done is take the reliable, trustworthy retail awesomeness of The Warehouse and partnered with insurance experts NIB and Vero.  The result is an all-in-one online destination to shop for some of the most ‘responsible’ purchases you might ever make as an adult.  Travel, Car, Home, Contents, Health and Card Protect Insurance are all available to purchase online and in minutes!

You have nothing to lose by getting a quote guys! – You may even find you’ve got a little more cash in your pocket like I did ;  )

*This post was sponsored by Warehouse Money, however I have used these services myself and thus all opinions expressed are my own.