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Some Days There’s Shit on the Carpet before 8am

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6.38pm.  I’ve just had a coffee.  And to be honest, I’d kinda like another one.

This morning, in the throes of the school/kindy departure I discovered the wet patch was back.  This pesky spot on the floor that we just can’t find the source of.  Husband in all his wisdom decided it was best for him to bring the (dripping wet :::grrrr:::) ladder in from outside then and there and ascend into the roof space to see what he could see.

Our wet spot is smack bang in the middle of the thoroughfare which connects the kitchen to the bedrooms.  A busy place for a ladder so early in the morning (:::grrrr::::).

So began a chain reaction; Nixon started freaking out because Dad – his BFF – was out of eyesight and up the ladder I wasn’t allowing him to climb.  Ethan was taking full advantage of both his parents being distracted and was doing absolutely nothing to get ready for school – which angered me even more than Dave’s insistence that there was absolutely no leaks in the roof – so where the eff is the damn water coming from?, so frustrating!  Dave eventually came down and with a rush and a roar returned the ladder outside, stepped in dog shit and reentered the house with his shoes on.

Can you see where I’m going with this?????

No worries, Dave whipped off his shoes, got the carpet cleaner, attended to the pooh/floor mash-up, left the pooh-shoes right there, INSIDE, left the carpet cleaner spray bottle right there, ON THE FLOOR, where Nixon found it and began to spray it all over the lounge furniture, the hard flooring and the coffee table.

FML people, it’s 7.37am!!!

I was finally ushering them out the door when Ethan ran back inside to get the PE gear I had reminded him to pack multiple times the night before, Nixon fussing and flipping out because he wanted to be driven to kindy in ‘Mummy’s truck’ not ‘Daddy’s car’ which wasn’t an option as my truck was blocked in.

FML people, it’s 8.00am!!!

And breathe.  It was a difficult morning and it did take me a while to shake it off.  Every single one of us has shit-on-the-carpet mornings, I know because you tell me about yours on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter.  We commiserate with each other, send virtual hugs and virtual wine, and on weeks like this where I’m trying to abstain from the real deal, your virtual wine means a lot!  We also talk about our muffin-tops, our struggles with self-love, with our skin, with money, with our relationships, with our dastardly kids.  We value social media for the community it provides us.

Community?  Friends?

Yes.  And those friends?  They’re real.  Sometimes more real than those you have to drag yourself to visit IRL (in real life) out of obligation – the worst feeling in the world as far as I’m concerned.

So, anyway.  Thanks.

Thanks for being my social media friends, for liking my IG’s of face lotion, chocolate and #hellonixon, for clicking over to my blog and reading my posts, I know there’s  been some ‘substance’ lacking lately but I’m working on it I promise xx






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6 thoughts on “Some Days There’s Shit on the Carpet before 8am”

  1. Oh no, not a good start for you guys this morning. I have to say, I did chuckle a bit.

    Sometimes mine start with hearing a cat vomit and then getting up and not being able to find where it is. Then getting back to bed only to get up a bit later and fricking stand in the vomit.


  2. Last week my husband got up from bed in the morning, walked to the living room and from there I heard him say, “What the fuck?” Silence. Then the sound of someone flushing the toilet.

    1) my husband stepped in the living room to find a pile of poop in the middle of the room on the carpet
    2) my son had been in the living room changing out of his pyjamas but when he’d needed to poop he hadn,t quite made it to the toilet so he pooped in the living room. And then he decided that, heck, he might as well go in the toilet and fluch it because that’s what you do after you’ve pooped 😀

    It was a great morning. 😉

  3. I have no doubt the only reason we have days like these are to have something to laugh at later… Hang in there xx

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