Summer Holiday!!!!!!

I had two BIG summer school assignments to complete and submit before we could leave on our trip and show Tara (our first visitor from the states) around the upper North Island.  So in a mad flurry the night before we left, I got them done and Tara proofread for me.  I thought they sucked, I was writing just to get them finished, but I have received one grade back already – a cool 80%.  I can live with that! 

So we headed to The Bay of Island’s first and set up camp in Paihia’s Haruru Falls Holiday resort.  Great facilities, lovely pool, but NO recycling.  Uck, so we had to take all of our recycling with us as I just could not put it in the trash.  So not cool, we won’t be staying there again.  The falls were lovely, as was motoring up the estuary in the new boat!!!  What luxury, the new outboard started first pull every time, thanks Dad!

The boys dropped Tara and I off on a deserted beach on one of the islands in the bay and they headed off for a spot of fishing and exploring for the day. 

JAN 253

Tara was well prepped for what lay ahead!

JAN 169 JAN 220  JAN 257 JAN 279 JAN 288 JAN 325 JAN 332 JAN 353 JAN 368 JAN 418 JAN 434 JAN 442


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