A Sunday Catch-up

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After the mega marathon that was the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, I am SO excited to return to regular blogging!  Playing Santa was nice but it appears there are hordes of professional prizewinners in New Zealand at the moment, who are in to win errrything.  I hope some people won our prizes who genuinely wanted them or have little people to gift them to.  Thank you SO much to everyone who visited, and perhaps discovered this blog through the giveaways, 2015 is going to be a big year for the Best Nest and I’m so glad to have you all on board!

 PS.  This is totally NOT me getting back to regular blogging, more like a brain-dump and a virtual wave to my old blogging friends!

  • I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats with worry but……. My hair has been raised from the dead!  Yes I know everyone’s hair is technically dead, so maybe I should re-phrase, my hair has been saved from a mega-chop by my sensational hair dresser.  Knowing a full colour would help with the damage, but knowing I wouldn’t want to lose my ombré hair, she and another stylist applied a clear coat colour to my whole head, and then after a myriad of treatments and a small trim to get rid of the breakage I can now run my fingers through my hair again!  Indeed a Christmas miracle.  Jade at Servilles Albany is most definitely an angel x
  • Feeling unusually virtuous this morning, I harvested some spinach and silverbeet from our vege garden and whipped up a healthy green juice with some pear, ginger, pineapple and a few strawberries.  It was the most revolting juice I have ever made in my life!  I have never experienced such a juice cock-up before and fully paid for it.  Had to have some nice white bread toast with lashings of butter and avocado on it to get the putrid taste out of my mouth :::::shudder:::::  
  • We had a shared, family Christmas yesterday which could have turned a bit sour with personal grievances on all sides (aka Family Drama – that’s the nicest way I can think to put it?) but everyone played nice and the food was ahhh-mazing!  Particularly special was seeing Nixon lean in not once but twice to give my awesome Pop some very smoochy good-bye kisses as we left.

Poppa and Nixon

  • I may be the only person in Auckland who’s stoked it’s raining, but water in my tank = $$$ in the bank!
  • I went mental buying Christmas gifts for Nixon.  I realised this as I was wrapping everything this week.  So mental that I, serial over-gifter that I am, actually culled the gifts and we are now are set for his 2nd birthday as well as Christmas!  Dave is both shocked at my shopping prowess and stupefied at my new found sensibility on the gift count.  Just goes to show that after 10 years of marriage you cans till surprise your partner!
  • I requested and received the most obnoxious Christmas manicure this morning, Whore of Babylon Red Santa Red and Gold Glitter.  It’s actually hilarious and I kinda love it!

Christmas Manicure Mummy Blogger Auckland New Zealand

I hope you’re having a lovely, relaxing Sunday wherever you are, take care of yourselves and let me know if you catch a glimpse of Summer hiding anywhere xx