Sunday. Funday? Mumday? Bumday?

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Not do-it-in-the-bum-day.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Ahh Sunday.  You move me to Random Thoughts;

  • I saw on the Encyclopaedia of Facebook that there is 21 days until Spring.  Hot damn that is excellent news.  It’s gotten cold again, I’ve got a cold and it almost feels too cold for wine.  Almost.
  • Last week {or the week before?} I totally jumped on the Whittaker’s Hundreds and Thousands bandwagon and holy smokes, that is some pink gold!  I love it – have you tried it?  Tastes exactly like the bikkies but better, because it’s chocolate.  
  • Nix and I successfully procured a passport photo, but only after I took control of the pharmacy camera and offered to take the pic myself!  Bam, job done.
  • So blogging may have started off as a hobby but it’s something I put a lot of time and effort into and I take a lot of pride in my content.  When another website asks for blog submissions but is unwilling to pay for them, it really is almost insulting!  Expecting someone else to create content for your website for FREE is a wee bit cheeky don’t you think?
  • Conversely, that super cute watch was sent to me as a thank you gift for a blogging job well done, one that I had also received value from, bravo!
  • Instagram is a bad, bad little app for a girl who likes to shop too much, how cute is this Roxy Marj Pennant Flag? After spending this weekend quietly pottering around the house and getting jobs done, this little beauty is now hanging in Nix’s room.
  • I also weeded the vege garden, got the sewing machine out and mended the zip on my brand new cushion I broke whilst trying to stuff the inner in, ate breakfast in bed {I made it myself then went back to bed – sisters doing it for herself!}, washed the linen, restocked the fruit and vege supplies for more juicing tomorrow, quickly abandoned cookie making after I cracked an egg into the mixture by accidentally dropping the WHOLE egg into the bowl, shell and all, while the mixer was mixing.  FML.
  • Our local FB page is amazing, we scored a gorgeous entertainment console for our tv this week, so perfect and for such a good price.  I love it when social media inadvertently works for the common good.  
  • And, I have said no to commitments I can’t keep, resigned from my job and defrosted and cleaned the chest freezer.  Sucks to be a grown up aye?

Have a wonderful week possums x